Yolky mess - is she eggbound?


7 Years
Jan 11, 2013
Hi My 18 month old Cuckoo Maran who has been laying pretty hefty and occasionally odd-shaped eggs lately (long skinny oblong ones, or huge ones that look like double yolkers, but aren't). Today I got home and she was laying on the ground in the sun (it was hot, everyone else was in the shade) with her leg stretched out, covered in yolk. I noticed her vent was all mucky with yolk and in the coop the board where she likes to sleep above the nesting boxes, there was a yolky mess. There is no sign of any shell whatsoever. I am concerned that the shell could still be inside her.

I gave her a warm bath and cleaned her leg and butt. She seems to be acting normal, except for being a bit bothered about being wet. She is eating, drinking, free ranging, and now taking an exuberant dust bath after she finally dried off. I am particularly concerned because I have heard that big eggs are more likely to become bound. When I bathed her I felt around her butt, but I really don't know what I'm looking for.

Any advice? I am just keeping a close eye on her for symptoms of illness and I guess I will see if she lays tomorrow.

I read a post by someone who said she just stuck a lubed latexgloved finger into a cloaca and turned a sideways egg around no problem. I don't know how to do that, but I assume I would figure it out if it came to that.

How can I get her to stop laying such big old eggs?

Any advice would be appreciated.


If she is acting fine now then she's probably ok. Just keep an eye on her. Anyway you could confine her for a couple of days to see if she lays? Then you will know for sure she isn't egg bound. I don't know if you can alter egg shape.... Maybe someone else will chime in with more advice
Thanks for the reply! Luckily I will know if she lays tomorrow, because since she is a Cuckoo Maran, she is my only dark chocolate brown egg layer. Her eggs stand out!

The shapes have been weird. I will try to upload some pix!

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