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  1. As a professional carpenter, I just wanted to write a note of encouragement for all of the non-carpenter people out there. Take your time and you can build whatever you want. You might have to back up sometimes and start again, but you can do it. Dont be afraid of power tools either. Just have a healthy dread of them. [​IMG] If you get tired while using your tools, take a break. You will only hurt yourself when you are rushing yourself, forcing a tool, or are tired. Dont be afraid to ask for scrap material at construction sites. Just find out who is in charge and ask them. If it is a commercial construction site, don't enter it without a hard hat. Just ask where the office is. You will find the boss there and it is usually outside the hardhat zone. You would be amazed what you can get for free if you just ask. Now, they might tell you to get lost, but most people on constructions sites are just normal folks like us. You would be sick to see the amout of waste that gets hauled off from a commercial construction site. At Home Depo you can get "Oops paint" too. That is a real bargain, and paint covers a multitude of sins. Anyway, I just want to encourage those of you who think you will struggle building a coop. You might struggle, but you can do it!

    "Caulk and paint make a carpenter what he ain't!"

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    Just take it easy when mixing power tools with liquid bravery. On the farm I once took a beer while on the tractor cutting hay. 30C (85F) plus the heat off the motor.never did it again.

    Wanna know why some outbuildings are crooked? now you know.
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    I've been a carpenter since 1964 and I have never seen anything built by people who won't try. You are right. The people on this site who claim to have no carpentry skills but are still willing to try do need to be commended.
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    I am a novice builder.I have recently been helping the boss redo his building.I learn a lot everyday.He makes me do a lot,but it is the best way to learn.For me hands on is the best teacher.Thanks for the words of encouragement.
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    The Home Depot's, Lowes' and hardware stores are great at answering "how to" questions. And remember, if you are trying to build it beautiful, you are doing that for yourself. The chickens don't care. (Not that I am criticizing. I try to make it look decent myself.) And you will learn skills the first time that make it easier the second.

    The person that makes no mistakes doesn't try to do anything.

    Apologies, Opa. I was typing this while you posted.
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    So right about anybody being able to build it. Just remember, most of your"mistakes" only you will see them stick out or know about them, most people won't even notice. I got all my stick lumber for my framing and then some at our local landfill. They have a location for building materials and yard waste and will let you take out 3 cyd a day. My coop is framed out in reclaimed redwood. Good luck, take your time, and have fun with the project.[​IMG]
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    Quote:I'll have to check out my local landfill for the tractor we want to make. Thanks for the tip!

    We built an 8'x8' shed style coop last fall from scraps collected on free trash pick up day. We never built anything before and this turned out solid, attractive and very functional. We wouldn't have been able to do this without BYC; members answered all our questions when we got stumped.

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    Chauntecleer's Keeper :

    "Caulk and paint make a carpenter what he ain't!"

    Don't forget molding. Covers a multitude of sins. Home Depot also has a bin with cut 2x4's and 2x6's lot of times they have the treated ones and they're real cheap.​

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