You don't know just HOW dirty they are....

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    I got some new chicks the other day. 22 various layers/pet chickens, and 25 cornish roasters from Mcmurray. They've been in a side by side brooder indoors for the first couple days and I made an obvious observation. However, I really don't think I ever quite appreciated it before.

    I changed the paper towels the first day once on the layer side. I changed it three times on the X side. The second day(yesterday) I changed the layer side once. I changed the X side four times. This morning I changed the layer side when I got up. I changed the X side at the same time. It could use it again and it's only an hour later!!! I think it's time for them to go out to the brooder in the coop on shavings!!!

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    Mar 30, 2009
    Ha! [​IMG] they really can be dirty can't they.

    If you want you could try newspaper (NOT the slippy kind) you can usually keep it for at least one day.If you think they will slip on it you can spread some grit on it.
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    i only have two chicks and i change mine twice a day

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