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I have a Dark Brahma who just started laying this past Saturday. Her eggs have STRONG shells, to the point of being a bit harder to crack then storebought eggs. Also she has laid 4 eggs in 5 days, all between 10am and 11am.

I weighed today's egg and it was 2.1 ounces!! I am so thrilled! She is a sweetheart and just laying her fluffy butt off!
I always heard Brahma's were low producers of medium eggs, but my girl is cranking them out and they have been all really big
I just wanted to brag! She is a great hen and I am lucky to have her.
congrats! I only have one Brahma and I love her. I have so many chickens, I'm not sure if she's even laying eggs yet. Here's her pic: Her name is Buffy.
I just got two Brahma's from the swap. I held her and she put her head and layed it against my chest... it was all over... I melted rite there! No way I was leaving without her.
Loove My Brahma's!
stoo she is beautiful! If she isn't laying yet she will soon
My girl's comb got all puffy like that about a week or so before her first egg. I have a dark brahma, but would love to get a buff sometime, I really love the gold/black contrast.

jaimslee4u: they are wonderful aren't they?? When I was first looking through the breeds I was turned off by the supposed laying rate and amount of broodiness. Well this girl is proving all those charts wrong lol! I love her temperment too, sweet as honey.
I never could figure out who wrote that junk about brahmas. My girls have been consistent good layers. About the only time they aren't laying is when they are molting. They are right now in their second adult molt and two are continuing to lay through their molt. Last years molt, one girl continued to lay. When not molting, most of them lay 5 to 6 times a week and we are talking about 2 1/2 year old hens! Although most of my girls lay medium eggs, they are heavy eggs by weight.

And broodiness? I would love it if mine were, but I've yet to have a broody out of my brahmas.

I uploaded a pic of my roo I found on DH's computer today as my avatar. Here it is in larger form (with Lil'Bit in the pic, too):

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WOW Gritsar he is one HANDSOM fella! Brahma's really do have a regal look to them, don't they? Even the hens. My Monica girl has that exact look of pride in her eye your rooster is showing. Man.. I can't believe I had tried to avoid this breed! They are coming up fast on my favorite breed list
And there is nothing better then a huge Brahma settled in your lap! It's like a natural lap warmer

Yep. It's clear now. I have been bit with the Brahma Bug! LOL.

Gritsar, when were you bit by the Brahma Love Bug?
When I first decided to get chickens I wanted to get only one breed, until I could get a little more experience. I knew I wanted certain traits in that breed -
Calm, able to tolerate both heat and cold, decent egg layers and a variety of colors. The brahmas fit that criteria well.
Now that I have some experience under my belt, I've branched out into other breeds, but the brahmas are still my favorites; followed by the turkens.

ETA: I really lucked out with Thor. He's a good roo. I've been told I could probably show him with good results, even though he is hatchery quality, but I don't want to put him through the stress of being shown.
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That is really cool. My first chickens ever were Barred Rocks, two of them, and I fell in love with the breed. This has been my first go round with a Brahma but boy am I enjoying it! They are sweet birds, definately gentle giants.

My Mom suggested I print a picture of your Thor and put it on the coop wall like how many girls have their "hotties" posted up on their walls LOL! I said I will be putting a Rooster Calender (IF I can find one!) up on the wall for my girls haha. Talk about anthropomorphism, but ah well lol.

I am head over heels in love with Brahma's now, and love the darker patterned birds like Darks, and Partriage (are these only out of the US or are there partriage brahma's here in US?).

ETA: What are Turkens like?? This is totally ignorant I know, but are they used for laying?
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I love my little bantam Buff Brahma roo, Charlie. He's now got some a few of the really long, curved tail feathers. His Rooster Dance Of Love is adorable. I'm so glad he's turning into a gentleman (although he does participate in the "chase the girls first thing in the morning to try to get some" ritual all the roos do).
Photo is about 3 weeks old. (I need to take some newer pictures this weekend!)

When he was younger, he would alert to the really big dragonflies that visit my goldfish ponds - that cracked me up! Now he's determined to keep the blue jay out of the yard and away from the cat kibble.

I have a light Brahma pullet/chick now, too, but she's LF. She's still in the grow-out coop with the olive-eggers and a BJG chick.
Ahhh the regal look of the Brahma. Handsom boy he is!! My Monica would be drooling over the keyboard if she were in here. Or squatting. This girl squats for ANYTHING! The dog walks past, she squats. One of the other hens walk past, she squats. I walk past, she squats. THE WIND BLOWS AND SHE SQUATS! LOL. She is a bit.. Risque haha.

I am glad your light Brahma turned out to be a pullet! And I am glad Charlie is starting to mature a bit lol!
This is my Monica:




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