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    Well I let the cockatiels out of a fly this morning and the lazy/insane one named Gizmo decided to use my bantam hen as a transportation system. I wish I had a video. He climbed up the hens tail, the hen got scared and flew up onto a table with Gizmo still on her and the cockatiel annoyed the hen for like 20 minutes. She kept circling around and around like a untamed horse. The hen jumped again up onto the wood above the window now this is with the cockatiel still attached and finally Gizmo let out one of his battle cry (wolf whistle) and the hen bucked him off. He basically rode the hen around like it was a horse and funny thing as soon as he got thrown off he when right back over to her and I put him back because she started pecking at him whenever he got near her. It was amazing...It was deferentially epic and there will never be anything like it again...I now regret not having a video camera...

    One picture did turn out visible this was the first jump onto the table.
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    Way cool.

    Gotta love birds!

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