You know your chickens are spoiled rotten when...


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You buy pelleted feed rather than crumbles, put some of the new feed out, the chickens take some, spit it out and stare at you. So, the next day you go and buy 2 more bags of crumbles for the picky free-loading stinkers that they are!
Sad but true
I have the pellets in a separate feedernow, and somebody is eating them... Probably the stupid mice

So, how do you know when a chicken is spoiled rotten?? Please share!!
You know your chickens are spoiled when you don't take treats out to them fast enough, so they come pecking on the back door.

And you open the door and give them treats. Because if you don't- they will go knock on the neighbors door.
belgian...I would have done the same
lilbizzy...your chicken closest to the door is cracking me up with the look she's giving, like "Ummm...EXCUSE me. What's the hold up in there???" girls get a warm breakfast of oatmeal or mash mixed with salmon (or sometimes some choice leftovers) each morning, while my son eats cold Although in my defense, my son would rather eat cold cereal than warm oatmeal and salmon...heehee.
Spoiled rotten when they snub chicken feed, and wait for some kitchen scraps. Knocking at the back door 'till you serve up the goodies! The rooster crows so much, you cannot hear youself think! "Re rwant the roo-ood!!
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when i was little, my first sets of chickens were silver seabrights, and bantam blk cochins. we lived in a trailer without a/c the summer mornings were baking hot, if you have ever lived in the south you know what i am talking about. my dad would leave for work and leave the back door standing wide open. the chickens would always come running when they heard the door open. well one morning i woke up to find my seabright hen on the pillow next to me. when she got up, there was an egg. and one time, i thought i had lost one of my hens, only to find her in the closet on a large clutch of eggs. i also had a chicken that would ride on the handle bars of my bicycle.
You peel grapes for her because she makes it quite clear that grapes are delicious....but only if they are peeled. And SHE isn't peeling them--that is the duty of the chicken servant, you.

You are thrilled to find giant grasshoppers eating up your flowers because you can catch them and make your chicken happy!!

You are unable to be away from home overnight until you find a qualified chicken sitter. QUALIFIED. This may take years. The chicken must approve of the sitter.

While on vacation you take a 5x7 photo of your chicken which you place on the overnight stand beside your bed. The person who cleans your room maintains a safe distance from you at all times after having seen the photo. You deeply and sincerely miss your chicken while you are gone. She, however, is happy to have found a person who prepares different treats and whose yard consists of new scratching areas.

Sometimes you take your chicken to Sonic. She likes fries. She enjoys looking out the window as she sits in your lap. You enjoy watching other drivers looking at the chicken with amazement. As if seeing a chicken riding along in rush hour traffic, looking out the window of a vehicle is unusual. When it is hot, the air conditioner vent should be directed toward the chicken, but the cooling level should be moderate. Her feathers should not be ruffled by the air from the vent.

Your day just naturally falls into a pattern:

* Get up, prepare yummy treat, let chicken out of coop and present treat. To get to secured door of coop you must first open latch to door of "day pen", then unlock door to secure run, then unlock actual chicken door into coop. This can be difficult when both hands are being used to carry treats. Check food, water, safety issues, cleanliness of coop. Do this quickly. Sneak away before treat is finished. If treat doesn't last long enough, go get another. Treats must be presented appropriately----alternate items so chicken does not become bored. Except for grubs; infinite numbers of grubs may be offered and will all be consumed by chicken instantly.

* Try to accomplish some human related task, like getting dressed, brushing teeth, feeding breakfast to husband....MUST go check on chicken, bring chicken into house, sit with chicken and scritch chicken's neck until happiness noises are sung.....Allow chicken to check out items in refrigerator vegetable drawer. Do NOT forget---chicken hates celery. Lettuce is acceptable, strawberries are better. Distract chicken with yummies as you return her to daytime run....Scoot back to house quickly.

* Return to human type chores. Finish dressing if this has not already been completed........Chicken must be lonely, loud "Baaaawk Baaaawk" noises are coming from coop; go get chicken who wishes to scratch all the mulch from the flowerbed onto the lawn. Allow chicken to do so. Pick up rocks so chicken can see if there are any acceptable bugs underneath.....Husband may wish to have some edible food prepared. By this time it is noon; try to explain to chicken that she must return to coop....Find acceptable treat to distract chicken, shut door to large day activity pen and run back to house before chicken notices you have left.

4. Repeat the above at frequent intervals the remainder of the day. If chicken appears to be tired, take her into bedroom. Close drapes so the room is appropriately dark for rest time. Lie on bed and place chicken on your chest. Pat chicken as she falls asleep. You may close your eyes, but do not fall asleep. If husband enters room explain that a sudden migraine seemed imminent and you had to lie down quickly so it was easiest to just keep chicken with you. Return outside and assume guard duty while chicken checks out garden, flowerbeds, edge of pond, old boards you keep well watered in order to increase number of acceptable bugs which can be found as you quickly turn them over for chicken.

5. Do not even consider trying to put chicken to bed until she is ready. She will not be ready until DARK. And she better have gotten plenty of treats if you plan to collect one of those beautiful brown eggs tomorrow!!

Life with a chicken is good.
You tell family and friends that you absolutely must be home at dusk. The sad part is they ALL know why, you need to close up the chicken barn and count heads and make sure every one is locked up in the wire mesh stalls for the night. Good night girls and stop that noise you Guineas and roos.

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