You may have a chicken addiction if...


8 Years
Feb 25, 2011
So, in my area of the US, it is deeply popular to place decals on the back of your vehicle window to represent members of your family. You can't drive anywhere without seeing decals for Mom, Dad, little timmy, sue, the family cat, dog, etc.

My DH and I were in the mall yesterday, and I passed one of the decal booths there, and inspiration struck!!

The following decal is the result of my version of family

Heehee thank you. I about swooned from joy when they said they had images of chickens I could use. And the ninja and pirate decals sealed the deal.

I would like to think of my family as 'nerdy farmers', which I think the decal expresses poignantly.
Ive seen all of the decals... figured I wouldn't be able to see out my back window if I added all of mine... and where would I find bearded dragon decals?
Can't believe you found the chicken decals... I'm jealous.
The places that sell the decals don't have the chickens displayed on the booth in favor of more popular ones such as nudie girls, or the kid peeing on the ford symbol. BUT they do have em if you ask. Persistance is key! I mosied up to the booth and said "um, strange question, but do you have chickens?" The above decal was the result of my hairbrained question!

Thank you everyone, I'm glad it tickles more funnybones than mine!

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