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I've read some of the other threads on hens who quit laying, but have a somewhat unique situation. I am new to chicken keeping, so if this is something obvious, I apologize.

I have an Ameraucana that will be one year old on May 22nd. She is my only hen laying blue eggs, so I know I get one egg each day. Very rarely does she actually skip a day. Within the last few weeks, she's started laying an egg every third day or so. Now, she hasn't actually laid an egg in 9 days.

She doesn't look ill or like she is molting... she's eating and acting normally. There has not been any added stress or new coop arrangements. I have 5 girls, all on a very balanced organic layer formula. It has a calcium supplement added, so I am not giving any oyster shells/egg shells (tried that and they started getting calcium deposits on their eggs). Is there something I could be overlooking? Could she be egg-bound? I'm very worried about my girl, Saffron, and would appreciate any advice. Thank you!
You might try upping the protein a bit by offering a bit of unmedicated chick starter mixed in. But if you do that I would be sure to reinstitute oyster shell on the side. The chick starter will be around 20% protein and the layer around 16%. You can also buy some eggs from the store and scramble them for her if you wish to go that route.

If she were eggbound I would think she would be acting ill. I have not dealt with that personally though.

Things to watch for also are - check her weight by feeling alongside the keel (on her chest) bone in front. You should feel some meat on either side of the bone. If she is skinny you might consider worming them. Also check for mites/lice.

*Do take note that some wormers require tossing eggs for awhile after dosing!*
Some vets will do a fecal test for worms/cocci/bacteria. False negatives are possible on the worms test.
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