young hen with weird beak


11 Years
Mar 10, 2008
I have a young hen with a beak that "crosses over", the top beak goes one way, the bottom another way. Is this a big deal or not? She appears otherwise healthy. Will she be able to feed enough? She seems to have trouble picking up scratch. I feed her treats away from the other chickens so she can take her time.


12 Years
Aug 20, 2007
She will be fine, but she does need crumbles to eat and a deep dish of them. I had a cross beak to and she was my favorie girl and became my first house chicken


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11 Years
Apr 7, 2008
A few things you can to help fix the beak are,

Penetran which is a cream, that will help relax the ligaments in the face ( click here and type in your zip code in the "find a store near you" thing. I found it at several places. It costs about $15 or less.)

Push her beak back into place you can even use rubber band around for a few minutes (make sure she is by herself) or at least hold in place for as long as you can. I put the penetran on twice a day. I have noticed a little improvement over the past day!

Polyvisal enfamil (a kids A-B-C-D vitamin you get 3 drops a day for a week then taper off (this will help her keep strong)

Cell salts; cal-phos. you put it in the water and it will help her grow normally.
You can also trim it to help them eat, I have not done this yet but I probably will try it soon.
Good luck! let me know if you need anymore info.
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