Your Cream Legbar Sexing Challenge


7 Years
Feb 14, 2012
Below are the chicks from our recent hatch or legbars. Some of them are obvious boys, and some obvious girls. However, some are chipmunky with a white spot on their heads. Here's my guess. What do you think??

1 Boy
2 Boy
3 Girl
4 Girl
5 Girl
6 ???
7 Boy
8 Boy
9 Girl
10 ???
11 Boy

Yeah, i was thinking that too :(. Two thirds of the hatch are boys. This follows a full house of 5 salmon faverolles that were all boys.

There must be testosterone in the water or something.
Having the same trouble working out some of my CLB chicks. They're a week old now. When I get my camera out I'll post and hopefully you'll be able to help me out.
Thanks for the images. I just bought a dozen CL eggs, but only 2 hatched. Trying to learn the variables in autosexing. 1 is a female, other is a ???, also. Will you keep us updated?

I'm new here. So at the beginning would be nice to introduce myself. My name is Toni, location Slovenia, Europe
Well, i'd kindly ask you for some help, just to make sure about the gender of my CLs.

I marked the following photo with gender symbols and I really hope I'm wrong, and some of blue should be replaced with red one :)

Thank you,

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