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Oct 9, 2012
I have had chickens for about a year now and am looking to expand into other breeds. At first my main objective was just for eggs. But boy, they have scratched their feathery little selves into my heart and I really appreciate them now. My mutt production breeds and Rhode Island Reds are great. I may be getting a couple of Marans tomorrow.

So, what do YOU like? Why do you like what you like? And what do you think is a beautiful breed? Beauty is subjective and I am curious what different people consider beautiful in a chicken.

Thanks :)
Oh I am looking through the breed list and this is very helpful with what people think of them. Still would love your opinions on your favorites though.
Number 1: Not really a breed per se but the Easter Egger (often called Americana, Ameraucana{in hatchery catalogs}, or Americana/Araucana). Why: because of all the different colors available and the blue/green eggs.

Number 2: Naked Necks. Why: because they are unusual and also xcome in a variety of colors ( though mixing colors they are not APA standards).

Number 3: Black Jersey Giants. Why: because they're big. I have a heritage line growing off right now.

Number 4: Not really a breed. Mixed/Crossbreds. Why: because I like to see how certain breeding turn out when crossed up.
Yes I do plan to get EE's. I want to have a rainbow of colors in my egg cartons. Their personalities are friendly? I am also thinking about getting some Sussex.
Faverolles! I love my faverolles, they are so sweet and fluffy. I love their beards and muffs, and big feathery feet, but their personalities are also great! So funny and nosy (beaky?) and have to know what you're doing all the time.

I also lost my bantam Orpington this week :( I miss her so much and I simply adored her. I'm not sure if every bantam Orp is like her but she was so silly and funny and had the fluffiest bloomers ever. She always chatted when I called her name and was such a gentle sweetheart.

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