Your Outdoor Halloween Decorations - and cheap decorating ideas!


Hi Everyone!
7 Years
Feb 5, 2012
Port Townsend, Washington
I'm interested in what you are doing to decorate for halloween outside. I live in town but have a large yard, so I'm trying to get more ideas.

We are going to go buy black trash bags and twine now for makeing a giant spider web, and a giant spider for it! I'd like to get a bunch of cheap pumpkins for trick or treating to put out like luminaria along my driveway. I also have seen a neat picture of 3 pumpkins made into a spider for porch steps. I'll probobly do that too. I'd really like to make some kind of "grave yard" scene. Maybe buy grey paint and paint some boxes...... Also, maybe some old boots with wood or bricks in them to keep them laying up, buried to the tops in piles of leaves near gravestones. Sounds like fun!

What are you doing? Come on folks, I need great ideas to steal. here r my saved ideas inside n out and their links... I have a board for every holiday!

we had my lil guys 5th bday hallow themed.... kids loved it! strobe light nasty bloody cake n all!!
everything was homemade!

Another big hit.... phalanges dogs

Witches finger Cookies were a BIG hit!



Hi Sally!

That looks like a great party! I like the legs in the ground bit, and I have outgrown pants, so I think i'll steal that. Might label mine garden of terror and include some upper bodies, nix the heads of course. I'll go check out your link.

Its good to see you again.
I am still here, just hangin in the bation thread and PA unite thread lol. I would love to see pics then ok? I miss living in town as far as holiday decorating : ( I was the "sicko" in town LOL!!! But the kids all loved me!
You sort of disappeared, so I'm glad to see you around.

I'm trying to lure trick or treaters to my house. Most kids prefer places where there are lots of houses in a row. My house is in town, but its old and takes up the whole block. Its a big old place, and halloween reather suits it, so I'm trying to play it up this year. Oh, and I'm going to give out good cands, to keep them coming back. :D

So far we've bought the stuff for a 15 x 30 spider web, and black bags to make the spider. We've got 4 pumpkins. Thats all so far. IT's hard to think of how to fill a 270 foot front yard. At least its on a busyish road.
I had the same problem! I solved it with one of those spooky CD's LOUD and the STROBES outside, I had two of them.... it drew ALL THE KIDS!!! beware!!
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Sally, your links are amazing!!! We are totally making the ghosts dancing around the fire (christmas lights) Oh my, but so very cool! Loved the milk jug skelitons, and other ideas for outdoor decor! Loved it love it love it!!!!

Just think, I started a thread when I could have just PMd you. I wish you could teach me to be a computer guru!
Where'd yo year yea yu get strobe lights? Are they very expensive? Guess I'd better find some trick or treat music too!
Spencers at the mall about 8 years ago LOL!! I saw them online too! Not expensive either. I love those around the fire! THEY ROCK! I thought about doing that out at the road (we live in mnts) so it would freak some people out coming over the mnt! lol but we are only here a year and neighbors prob already think I am strange with all my dogs and chickens!!! he he he

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