Youtube Rant


Sussex Monarch
11 Years
Mar 27, 2008
Tried to log into my youtube account and got this...

Update your YouTube account by linking to a Google Account
You will no longer be able to sign in to YouTube without a Google Account.
If you do not want to link this YouTube account, you can sign out here.

I don't want a google account

I guess I will just use another video service,been with them since like 2006 before Google bought Youtube....
It seems like all accounts are linking. I have found this to happen with blogger,yahoo,google,facebook,hotmail,and ofcourse the you tube.I noticed the pictures I post on my blog go into a picture folder in my picasa photo album!
So create a Google account and don't use it for anything else...just log in once every few months to keep it "active"

Not sure why that would be such a big deal, really...

Then again, I have at least a dozen email accounts.
I don't want a google account and I don't want to log into another account every few months to keep an account I have had since 2006.
And they want my phone number....say what!!!....Its ok ill just switch to Vimeo and/or Daily Motion.
I had a google account before I signed up with youtube. I haven't had to sign in to either site since I made my youtube. I just sign into one and the other signs me in automatically. I don't remember why I got a google account, but I don't use it for anything now.

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