YouTube video of my nightly chores


5 Years
Feb 17, 2014
Western NC
I am going to start doing a weekly video of my efforts at homesteading and duck raising. We were relocated from Wisconsin to North Carolina 2 years ago. This is mostly for my family and friends back in Wisconsin to see what we are doing and what our place is like. I am somewhat proud of my first attempt at using iMovie so I thought I would share.

I put up my first video last night and realized a section repeats. WHOOPS! It will get better with practice. LOL!

Are you going to post anymore videos?? your pekin is cute and how you can train him to wag his tail! Whats the finish to the new coop for the ducks??
I try to post every weekend.

My daughter used worms to teach Ferd to wag. He gets excited and wags when he sees them. He had to wag to get one. Honestly he wags so much I'm not sure if he knows the word or if it's always a coincidence.

Rained all last weekend so no coop work done. Went to the store and got some more supplies and the weather looks good this weekend. So we will be working this weekend.
Maybe put some special treats up there. I would sprinkle meal worms in the straw for them to find. It kept them up in the nest box for a bit while they dug around looking
I uploaded a new video. It has some footage of the next step in building our coop. It is a loooooong slow process. We have never built anything before so are trying to ensure we make as few mistakes as possible by thinking it through and going slow. Plus we can only work on Sundays if we do not have anything else going on. :(

Also has updates on ducks, guineas, garden, horse, etc... :)

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