youwch my poor chucks bottom

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    Jul 31, 2011
    hi all im a newby stumbled across this feast of info yest,whilst in a blind panic horrified thought 1 of my chucks intestines where popping out of her little botty.Thanks to fab detailed step by step to do list spent my sunday aft bathing n lubeing my chuks botty hmm!not quite how i had pictured my day but still,so she had a bath n snooze(so very cute) whilst i tended to the other end wrapped her in warm towel n blow dried her butt she had an early night tuckd up in cat box in darkened backroom.Shes quite perky this morn actually she woz yest despite all no egg but she wouldnt hav calcium tab last night to chilled after all her spa treatment me thinks,she scoffed if down this morn tho on worksurface in the kitchen whist i had my cupa,a little bleary reyed spent half the night peeping in to see if shes still with us!!!so well shes pooped several times in the night as they doo so shes not completely bunged up but could hear her straining when she pooped it all came out again but it whent straight bak in is that a gud thing oh wot to do wot to do shuold i just take her to vets for anti infam?or give her abit of time i luv all 3(wellsummers had them since oct 10 at point of lay) of my girls very much but plucky is my fave.If could advise i would really apreciate you sharing your wisdom with me many thanks lis

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