Zachary, Louisiana Hen for sale


Small goats & big chickens + 1 old horse
Aug 20, 2019
SE Louisiana
Selling a hen. This year's hatch and almost ready to start laying. She's happy and healthy and has fixated on my garden. I can't get her to stay out and don't want her bringing any friends...I hate holey tomatoes, she's also into my collards. She's some kind of feed store americauna-type, mostly black with some brown underfeathers. She's in chicken jail until sold. $10, may deliver or meet up.


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If I was a pinch closer I would definitely have her with my flock now. My flock is small, and six are banties.. Lets say simply,,, I like eggs and those marbles are just not enough. I only have 2 LF, and my RIR is at 9 years old now. (2 eggs in 2020)
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :highfive:
I could if I was searching for one. I also could go to the butcher and purchase the chickens from him live. I see this one that you have, and would consider her as a rescue.:love Most of the dogs in our extended family, are rescues, as well as all those feral cats visible in my Avatar. I will actively add a couple hens in the spring time. I need some to have eggs for our personal consumption.
These are my latest additions I got in September.

The Large Fowl is a Welsummer, 2 years old, and the teeeny is another Serama. I just LUV:love my little cutie pets.
She's in no danger, just won't stay with the flock on the other side of the fence and I am tired of getting her out of the garden/yard/horse stall. She jumps very well and has a better memory than most of mine: if she finds food somewhere once, she revisits it daily. I figure I can send her to someone else because she adds aggravation to my day. I doubt she'll be a problem in a different situation. She can't get out of chicken jail but I hate segregating her like this. "Chicken Jail" is a buck pen with 6 ft. fence and reinforced gates with nothing she can use to get a boost over the fence. And she's next to the coop fence and can at least see the other chickens.

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