Zachary, Louisiana Rooster


Small goats & big chickens + 1 old horse
Aug 20, 2019
SE Louisiana
From my craigslist post:


Large black Rooster: This year's hatch, dad's a Cochin & mom's a Brahma. He's the largest bird here. Not tame but has shown no signs of aggression at all. Good flyer for a large bird. In rooster jail until sold. $5
My place is calmer and quieter with just one roo. His daddy is the #1 Roo and if I can find him a place early on it will be easier on all of us.
I am mostly a goat farm. I work full time rotating 12 hour shifts and have had chickens for 30+ years. My animal activities have to be simple. If an extra roo is in the main coop it stresses everybody out and makes it more likely my main roo will become more aggressive toward me. Adding a second pen/flock/whatever adds to feeding and chores. Right now, when I work day shift, I feed at 4 am and 6 pm, dark to dark. It's too time consuming and aggravating to have creatures seperated out. That's why I try to rehome any animal that doesn't work in my program. I recently sold a hen that wouldn't stay with the rest of the flock. This also helps save their lives. The black roo's brother tried to live in the pasture. Before I could get ahold of him and put him up, he was hawk food. Any tips are welcome, I hope I am not too old for new tricks!
I understand. I have goats as well (it's breeding time lol), my chickens, and ducks. It can be real handful. I was worried about having so many roos at once but my old guy Ricky actually is a lot less stressed with the extra help. Now 2 of my roosters live in the garden right now because they are mean to the girls (hormones went crazy) and we didn't have anouther area to put them. Now I'm sure you have at least 2 goat pens (one for boys one for girls?) Maybe stick Zachary with some goats. My two bad boys really like to protect our youngest goat. Also a great shelter for a lone chicken can be one of those plastic outside kid houses. And I am sorry to hear about his brother. I freaking hate hawks.
How do you keep your roos from destroying your garden? I hate when the chickens get in there. The younger roo is in a cage in a goat pen, he's a serious jumper/flyer. I can't feed the penned goats when there's chickens around, the chickens eat faster than the goats.

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