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Do ducklings need company???

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A few weeks ago we came across a duck nest with only one undamaged egg in it and no sign of parents....

We took the egg and put in the incubator just to see what would happen and it is alive and forming having only 6 days till it is roughly due.

This is the first time I have had anything to do with a duck egg and have no idea about caring for them and their needs. But I have being using this site to read up about them and was wondering if ducks do need company? and if they do does it have to be duck company or can it be a chicken or 2, as their are no ducks for sale in the area I live....

Thanks heaps

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Ducklings absolutely need company, they are highly sociable animals and are only happy in a flock with others. At least one other duck would be best, but they can be raised with chickens as well. Would you be able to get a chick (or two) the same age to raise with the duckling? You don't want them to be older and bully the duckling. If they are raised together from the very beginning it will go much more smoothly. In the meantime, keep an eye out for ducklings/ducks for sale so it can have a duck buddy in the future. Good luck!


It's not really "legal" to take wild duck eggs, but I won't say anything. I commend you for saving this little one! While you wait for it to hatch I would also recommend you read up on duckling care here:

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Thanks for that, will defiantly look out for a companion of some sort.....

Yeah...knew that, it was found in a area where they are currently doing a large amount of tree removal and it was the only undamaged egg out of the four. We have been given a permit by the local council with a cost.

Will keep doing the reading thanks again.

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Good for you for getting a permit as well! And good luck with the hatch. :)

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Just thought we had better :)

I have another question if your willing.... I've been looking for some companions and found either Rhode island reds or Old English Game Bantam, they will be about two days older and was wondering which would be the best match in size and so on.

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I actually have next to zero experience with chickens, so I'm not the best one to ask about that, unfortunately. Maybe you could ask this on the chicken forum? Or maybe make a new post with just this question here on the duck forum so others who have chickens will see it? I just know alot of people raise ducklings and chickens together with no problems, but I don't know the different breeds.

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Will do that then....

Thanks a lot for your help :)

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Originally Posted by Rose98 View Post

Will do that then....
Thanks a lot for your help smile.png
Honestly, rhode island reds r great breeds, but from my experiences r not the nicest birds , i would go with black australorps or something with a better temperment
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There are several hatcheries that will ship ducklings.  You could try for a companion. 

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Thanks a lot guys...... haven't got anything yet, just seeing if this little egg will hatch first, it was due yesterday so crossing my fingers and hoping hard while I keep looking for some mates for it...

Thanks again.

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