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Fox Field Farm Flock

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Just thought I would show of some of my birdies. I love them, most of them have names and all of them have personalities. We're going to have to get rid of a number of them before the winter, which is hard, but we have over 60 and we just don't have the money or room to feed that many without any forage available.


Thanks for looking at my flock!



Wild Thing, a McMurray hen, she has beautiful patterning on her feathers.


The trio, Adrian the red rooster, Enterprise the Easter Egger mix, and Precious their little sibling silkie. The trio are from our own flock but had a difficult hatch when I removed them from their mother so she would adopt some other chicks. They are thriving now, however.


From left to right, Vick (silver penciled rock), Shere Khan (partridge rock), and Blue (columbian wyandotte)


Liberty, who is in the molt and lost her tail because of that. She is a plymouth rock and one of my oldest hens in the flock. The other hen in the picture is young Andi, a black Andalusian


My sebright trio, so full of personality and already willing to try to fight with adult roosters. Two are boys, Spock and Linneaus, and the girl is Diamond (she has a slight crooked beak and we might not use her for breeding). Spock is the leader of the trio and already crowing. They already leave their mother's side and go off on their own, thinking so very highly of themselves. :)


Dove, one of my "Dalmatian" mixes. She is a beautiful girl, glowing white with just one lavender spot on her wing.


My Speckled Sussex, Captain, who is just getting her tipped feathers finally. She is nearing laying age, but still just a curious young pullet



Princess with one of her newest silkie chick (one with the crest) and an older one from another hens batch (without crest). Crested chick is Possibility and the other is Tad.


Blue's crooked beak. She is a healthy girl though, I love her


Azul (Ozzie) my blue silkie who is a sweet-roo towards other silkies but bullied by other chickens


Captain again


Dastan, one of my "Dalmatians" thinking highly of himself


Eowyn, a mix hen that may have New Hampshire or may have Buff Orpington in her


Nascar, our Brown Leghorn that will run all around the yard like a crazy chicken, in all sorts of crazy circles when worried

My flock out foraging around our barns



Ruby (formerly Rudy) one of our Dalmatian mixes


Chance, my black cochin, with my molting Barred Rock rooster (Dominator)


Beauty, the sebright, with her son that is two times her size, Buddy


Scarlet, a Blue-laced Red Wyandotte


Susie (Black-eyed Susan) one of my "pure" Dalmatians and one of the four original dalmatians ever created


Long-legs, my silver-laced Cochin rooster, with green shine on his wings and a tail yet to grow in yet


Dodie (after the author of 101 Dalmatians) one of my Dalmatians with a single comb instead of the typical rose/walnut


Our newly cleaned roost room as the chickens make their way in


One of my Red Stars


Eagle (our EE) had a daughter with a Buff Orpington. Her name is Baby Cake's and she is a pretty girl


Leghorn mix hen (I sort of forget her name)


Acorn, my sweet little OEGB (Silver duckwing) who lost his comb to frost-bite


Two of my four OEGB/Sebright mixes: Dusk is the oldest, the boss of the group. The others are Dawn, Twilight and Eve


Eowyen with the Dalmatian mixes

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Lovely flock, thanks for sharing the pictures! :)

Calling all home bakers!


"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."  ~ Voltaire


Formerly NorthFLChick...but still Debby!



Calling all home bakers!


"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."  ~ Voltaire


Formerly NorthFLChick...but still Debby!


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Originally Posted by NorthFLChick View Post

Lovely flock, thanks for sharing the pictures! :)


Thanks!  :)

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Just a quick update for the autumn. We are trying to get down to around 40 chickens by winter, since they cost much more to feed when they can't forage.


Here is Precious, getting much older, she loves to follow me around and has learned to follow her full-sized "siblings" up into the rafters of the shed where they live.


Nascar has gotten her floppy comb now, just in a few days time, and hopefully will begin laying any time now. She's a Brown Leghorn.


Flo, the naked neck rooster, with his adopted daughter (hopefully not son :)) Possibility


Three of my "twilight" bantams, asking for treats at the porch


Our new puppy, an Aussie-doodle (Australian x Poodle). His name is Epsilon, but we call him Oopsie


Bubs, the teen rooster I decided to keep. He's a standard Buff Brahma and very handsome


Yosemite, playing on a piece of old carpet. She's a hatchery quality white giant


This is Autumn, my Easter Egger mix chick that is hatching today. I gave her/him a helping hand to get fresh air, since the egg was dirty and smelled from the mother pooping on it. Hopefully she will hatch on her own soon.


This is Princess with a chick that began hatching on Halloween, Autumn's sister, Breeze.

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Your dog is so cute! How does he like the chickens?

Calling all home bakers!


"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."  ~ Voltaire


Formerly NorthFLChick...but still Debby!



Calling all home bakers!


"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."  ~ Voltaire


Formerly NorthFLChick...but still Debby!


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He's still learning not to chase them for fun, but he's never hurt them, and the other dogs don't chase them so he is learning well. He loves to herd things though, including the other dogs. :)

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We are preparing for winter, the heat-lights will be set-up soon, we have the barns clean (but the recent rain has gotten them kind of dirty). We have lowered our chicken number to around 50 or so, which is better than over 60, but we still have a few more to get rid of so that we can afford to feed them when snow covers the ground. Thankfully, its been pretty warm and snow-free so far, even though it is December.

Princess's two chicks are growing their feathers in already, trying to keep warm, but all and all are doing well. Her poor toes over-grew from sitting on the nest, so I've been trimming little bits over a few days and they are finally down to the right size and ready for the winter.


Anyways, everything here is going pretty well. We lost one of our roosters to a predator, but none since then. Andalusia (better known as Andi) perches in the rafters and so I can't lock her up at night, but nothing can reach her so she is safe. And recently, Ruby (formerly Rudy) has been disappearing at night. Is she broody? During the winter?! I guess we'll wait and see.


When the grass dries, I'm going to collect some of the dry stuff (hand harvesting) to fill up the nest boxes again and finish the winter preparations.


This is Ruby. She is one of my Dalmatians, except she got the red pyle coloration instead of the dalmatian spots


My chickens enjoying the brisk, cool air of autumn (they love cool, cloudy weather)


My new big rooster (I still of Domni, this is just the rooster I'm keeping to pass on genetics). His name is Bubs and he is so very handsome!


Here is my beautiful Dove with a random assortment of other chickens around her. She is the white hen with the dark, silkie black skin


Wild Thing is the chicken in the middle. She is in molt and during cold nights sleeps in the nest boxes to stay warmer


Eagle, finishing up her molt


Epsilon after his hair-cut and some growing. He still herds the other dogs, but he hasn't learned to chase the cats or chickens (more than a few steps at least, just for the fun of it). He's house trained and already learning tricks. He's so smart!


Chiefess, my Silver Laced Wyandotte. She is nearing laying age, but I haven't gotten eggs from her that I know of. Maybe they are hiding them all out in the field. They love going in the tall weeds and thorns where hawks can't see them. Even the white ones can hide with how thick it is.


Blue with her crooked beak


Dominator looking proud


My three Twilights, missing their fourth because he was unfortunately taken by a predator. I plan to only keep the hen, but for now, they eat so little and follow me around so much, I can't make myself find them a new home.


Princess with her two chicks, Autumn and Breeze, taking a short trip out of the broody pen.


A picture of Captain the hen I managed to catch. I had to point the camera behind me, so I couldn't see what I was doing, but I managed to catch this really neat looking shot of her standing on a piece of carpet set over a chair. They liked to play on it.

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It probably snowed twice this year where we are, and neither time did it cover the ground. So, we didn't get a white Christmas, but I was completely fine with that. For once I wasn't carrying hot water out to the chickens three times a day in below zero weather with blowing wind, huge snow drifts and poor cold chickens that had visible breaths while they all hunched up in whatever sun light they could find.

Actually, they are enjoying the weather so much one just hatched out some chicks! Yep, we're all fine without freezing weather right now, but it sure is raining a lot.The chicken room looks like a cattle barn (and smells like one too) because of the tiny holes in the roof we have tried to fix (and it didn't work). However, I don't have to worry about water because I catch rain water for the chickens so they always have some and its always fresh and clean. :)


Here are some update photos from just a few days ago (showing how un-white this winter was)


Here is Blue (she was blue as a chick), lit up by the sun


This is my molting EE, Eagle. She looks like she doesn't have a tail, but normally she has a beautiful one.


This is Scarlet, with her wonderfully detailed lacing


These are my autumn chicks named Autumn and Breeze. Breeze is the female on the right (she is darker and smaller then her brother)


This is Yosemite, the White Giant, who jumped up on my arm while I was taking pictures so I had to get one of her.


Here is Spock, one of my breeding roosters


This is Enterprise, my mix-breed pullet


Bubs enjoying some pumpkin


My new chick, hatched two days after Christmas, I named her Rain because it was raining (a TON) instead of snowing when she hatched. Her mother got nervous and left the nest early so I took her in and put her in the incubator. I opened up the breathing hole a little but other then that she hatched all her own. I put her back with her mother right afterwards and she was excepted compeltely


This is Ruby, Rain's mother. Rain also has an older sibling, Noel, who is the chick in this picture (the chick is actually standing on poor Rain at the moment, but Rain was fine even with a little rough treatment at first)



Azul looking a little weird as he stares at the camera (he needs a haircut)


Precious, who I am guessing is a rooster (his comb is too big for his young age and his legs are too long for a hen)


Ruby when she first met Rain. She gently pecked at her to try and help her stand. Rain fell onto her back and her mother wiped her beak on her to try and turn her back over. Poor Ruby was confused when Rain didn't just crawl under her, so I helped out and tucked the chick under her wings.


Dominator and Wynona (Whinnie) investigating a pumpkin


My three silkie chickens. Flo the naked-neck rooster, Possibility the pure hatchery quality white silkie, and Tad the mix-breed pullet who has no crest

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It has started snowing here, and not only has it started but it won't stop! It is near blizzard like conditions with how hard the wind is blowing. All the snow is going back up into the air from the ground and the drifts are piling up. It is cold, but not as cold as it was yesterday thank goodness.

I've been cleaning the barn the last few days, which is no easy task as it is very old, very large, and VERY dirty and dusty. At some point or another it is probably kept every livestock species there is. Every time I work out there all my clothes turns brown with dust and dirt. The chickens love it when I move stuff around though, as they have a chance to scratch at new food sources. They are always so curious.


I'll try to get some pictures of the snow but most won't have chickens in them as the chickens not only can't stand the wind (they tend to blow away in this weather :)) or because of deep snow. After all, they have no fur or feathers on their feet or legs (most of them don't, that is, the silkies have boots) and my chickens are kind of babies about the cold. I'm using that to teach the pullets that live in our other barn to roost in the main barn, as they won't go through the snow back to their old roost.


I hope everyone is staying safe on the roads!

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Looking forward to some new pictures! How's your youngest pup (Oopsie?) doing?

Calling all home bakers!


"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."  ~ Voltaire


Formerly NorthFLChick...but still Debby!



Calling all home bakers!


"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."  ~ Voltaire


Formerly NorthFLChick...but still Debby!


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