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I had a Pekin drake named Daddy, he disappeared a couple weeks ago. I have a Rouen named Momma, 4 one year old Pekin/Rouen females (Momma and Daddy's daughters) two of which we named: TwoTone, for her light coloring; and OddBall, because she is slightly deformed with a bald patch down the front of her neck. The other 2 are just called The Twins. One twin just hatched out 5 ducklings but only 3 survived, they are not named
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•1 Cayuga Hen-Beeker
•1 Khaki Drake-Lucas
•1 Cayuga Duckling Hen-Bonni
•1 Cayuga Duckling Drake-Clyde
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2 welsh ducklings. Sadie and Skipper. love.gif
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Quackers and Daisy... quackers disappeared last night and showed up this morning.
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We have 5 blue Swedish Ducks:
Mermaid (my daughter's doing).
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I have 17 ducks for breeding at the moment, but have only named 5 of the newest ducklings which are rescues

My 2 white crested are named: Fredrick and Circus

My 2 black Swedish are named: jelly and belly

My Cayuga's name is: buck

And my fawn and white runner reduce is named: turkey
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I've only got three ducks right now.


one is a smaller rouen hen named Cinnamon Roll (after the meme, because she is my beautiful cinnamon roll of a duck).

another is a larger rouen hen named Ronnie Bell (after a character from the video game Suikoden who repeatedly gets comments on her large size).

and the last is a khaki campbell drake named Sir Francis (because I am a dork and my friends are dorks who kept telling me if I get a drake I should name it that).

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Cesar and Judy are my boys and Josey nosey cocoa and shanel are my girls
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One white duckling (drake) in a flock of colored ducklings:  Beacon.

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Originally Posted by iloveduckies View Post

I decided to change Star's name to princess and just keep her nickname Star
(She was originally was called Star because she was like a star next to all my other black and gray ducks)
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