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  1. Run Wild

    It is 3012 A.D, and the entire world is covered in a thick layer of ice, surrounded by gray clouds and deadly blizzards. Weather conditions are so harsh that it is impossible to even tell states or countries apart.
    Nearly all of humanity seems to have been wiped out by this change in weather conditions. Or is it something else?
    A few select people who had oddly been frozen and preserved in ice are still alive, and now must discover the mystery of what has happened to their beloved earth they knew and loved for so long. And, more importantly, how to survive in these bitter conditions.

    Will human beings, now conscious and free, be able to adapt mentally and physically for this new life, or will their bodies and breath become as lifeless as the buried earth below?


    Name: Jade Everhart
    Gender: Female
    Age (When They Were Preserved in Ice): 17
    What Year They Were Frozen Within Ice: 2035
    Personality: Confident, Independent, Strong-Willed, Determined, Stubborn, Thoughtful and Kind-Hearted.
    Jade's mother died while she was young. Only a few years after the death of her mother Jade's father remarried to a woman who disliked children apart from her new disconnected husband's knowledge. Under the persuasion of his wife, Jade's father sent her to military school. At the age of eight, Jade was forced to prove herself as strong and disciplined as the thirteen year-olds since that was the age all the other children had been accepted into the school at. Despite her determination to work harder than everyone else there was only one person who didn't separate themselves from her but rather was a friend and stood up for her more than once to protect her from the cruelty of the other children. Paxton, who was five years older than Jade, cared for her with all the love of both a mother and father. Paxton graduated before Jade, and left the school, meanwhile keeping in touch faithfully with the promise that he was earning the money for them to create a life together. Jade wrote Paxton of the school's neglection of her and he immediately returned, and having more money that he expected to proposed that they runaway and take her somewhere safe so that they could be married. Although they successfully ran away, Jade can't remember anything afterwards. She searches restlessly for her fiance with the faithfulness that he treated her with. She never let's her herself give up hope that she will find him.
    Appearance (Photograph or Description):

    Username: Run Wild

    Name: Thomas Mythe
    Gender: Male
    Age (When They Were Preserved in Ice): 26
    What Year They Were Frozen Within Ice: 3001 A.D.
    Personality: Neurotic and controlling. He is clever and loves to mess with people, and is all about logic.
    Thomas is abusive, obsessive, and unpredictable.
    History: Thomas grew up during a famine in America, where the entire country was in poverty. His sister, who he loved dearly, had mysteriously left their home when they were children and he suspected she had been taken by the government, who was culling their citizens.
    He sacrificed everything for her, innocence and all. He went insane trying to find her, and now, deep down in his heart, he wants to kill her and end his search, so she would never be lost again.
    Appearance (Photograph or Description): Dark, neat brown hair and piercing, staring brown eyes. He has sunken cheeks, unnaturally pale skin, and always wears glasses, since he has very poor eyesight. He is also very tall and lanky.
    Other: He has a sister named Aya Mythe
    Username: Gajzla

    Name: Aya Mythe
    Gender: Female
    Age (When They Were Preserved in Ice): 25
    What Year They Were Frozen Within Ice: 3001 A.D.
    Personality: Stern, sarcastic, and clever. She is a little more on the bold side, and is a fighter. But, she still is a cautious person in the more deadly situations.
    History: Aya was taken by the government during a famine and the collapse of the country, and was forced to join the military and become a soldier. She served the dictator-like president for years, bitterly leaving her old life and brother behind, but she later realized she hadn't been forgotten.
    Her brother was still pursuing her, but it was less sweet and more deadly. She discovered he wanted her dead, so she would never leave again. And she had been running from a stalker ever since.
    Appearance (Photograph or Description):[​IMG]
    Username: Garjzla

    Name: Madeleine Honore
    Gender: female
    Age (When They Were Preserved in Ice): 27
    What Year They Were Frozen Within Ice: 2026
    Personality: Sweet and kind, always searching for the good in people and situations; clever and highly intelligent; a bit of a worrier;
    History: Madeleine came from a family of winemakers in Bordeaux, France. At a young age, she knew she didn't want to continue with the family business, instead choosing to go to school. She worked her way through high school and went to the local college, where she stood out from the others due to her obvious intelligence. She was given enough scholarships that, with her already saved funds, she was able to attend École Normale and graduated early with a degree in nuclear physics.
    During her short career before her life as she knew it ended, Madeleine met and married the love of her life, who happened to be her assistent. The couple had a close relationship for a brief two years, during which they had a daughter.
    In 2025, the pair were requested to work on a secret project in America. Madeleine left with their daughter a month ahead, but he was tragically killed in a car accident days before. The incident left Madeleine heartbroken and devastated. She buried herself in her work to keep the memories at bay.
    Appearance (Photograph or Description):
    Other: I may make the daughter later XD we'll see
    Username: Silkiecuddles

    Name: Gjoran Larrson
    Gender: Male
    Age (When They Were Preserved in Ice): 19
    What Year They Were Frozen Within Ice: 2034
    Personality:Calm, cracks an occasional saracastic joke, and is smart. After years in the army, he has become muscular and quick, both helpful survival traits. He will do whatever it takes to survive, but likes to have some fun while doing it.
    Appearance (Photograph or Description):[​IMG] (how he normally looked before the ice age.)
    Other: Not finished yet.
    Username: EcottSam

    Run Wild, Garjzla, EcottSam & Silkiecuddles.


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