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By LoveThatChick · Dec 26, 2014 · Updated Dec 28, 2014 ·
  1. LoveThatChick
    In this world, there have always been people that don't fit in, people that break the mold, people with abilities. Many times, these people lead normal lives, hiding their gifts from the world and never posing a threat to others. But, there are those who put the innocent in danger, those who threaten the delicate balance between good and evil. All over the would, power hungry groups create Orders, Cults, Creeds, Gangs; evil organizations such as The Ambroscus Order, located in Seattle.

    Then there's people like us, people who protect the innocent and take these organizations down. In this case, we call ourselves the SASD: Seattle Ambroscus Supervision Division. We are a branch of an even larger organization, and our job is: firstly; to locate those with abilities, offer them a place in our ranks, and if they decline... We take them in, or take them out - there is no room to risk letting them be vulnerable to the enemy. Secondly; to eradicate The Ambroscus Order before they track down those with abilities and bring them in, or destroy them utterly.

    Here are the links back to the RP, the Character Page and to the OOC Chat Thread.

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    OOC Cнαт Tнreαd

    This is where you can get an overview of the events that have taken place in each chapter. Every 1000 or so posts, is one chapter, at the end of every chapter we will discuss the plot for the next chapter.

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