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By 1chickescapes · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. 1chickescapes
    Hello, my name is Pat
    I am from the great state of NH (or as my husband says "the only state".[​IMG] We have just started our chicken farm. We have 2 roosters (I think their Silkies, but I'm not sure). We have 8 hens, and 3 chicks (don't know what kind they are, except mixtures). We also have 12 little chickies that just recently hatched. and 24 in the bater due to hatch on the 11/13th. The waiting is unbearable, but exciting in any case. It's worse than giving birth. Hathcing is an addiction!!!!!
    We have a small farm stand selling plants and veggies (and eggs next year if all goes well) in the spring and summer and we sell bait for ice fishing in the winter.

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