Hi--I love Backyard Chicken forum, and am happy to get to meet people that love their chickens as much as I do!
My name is Ann, and I am a homeschooling mother of two/ stay at home housewife--longing for my own big farm one day!

We have a flock of 10 now and are always looking for another to add to our coop family!
In our flock have 8 different breeds..and my children and I love them all...(my husband thinks I am crazy!)
1 (White)Silkie Roo 3 Bantam Cochin Girls~ (Laced Buff and Red)
1 Golden Laced Wyandotte girl 1 Blue Americauna Girl
2 bantam -Slkie /Cochin Cross girls
1 Buff Orp girl
1 Cuckoo Maran girl
(Mother to two human children... 1 recently Adopted Rescue (already spoiled rotten) Collie , and of course our chickens!)