One Step Closer to My Homestead
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Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient.
- Aristotle

Places I Would Love To Live
Beautiful Farm in MO
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Glad You Found Me...Welcome!!.
I am a huge believer that energy attracts reality so I have posted the pictures below of my soon-to-be reality. One day, I will have my country homestead. :) There I will garden and can our harvest, raise chickens for eggs, have the occassional pig (already prenamed "Hamlet") and will enjoy a peaceful life in the country. Until that day arrives, I will do my best to urban homestead in TN!
We are going for being debt free in 2010 baby!!!! It is all part of the master plan to legitimately drop out of the modern day rat race! :) Ultimately I hope to build enough equity to sell my home and pay cash for a VERY snazzy yurt out in the middle of some beautiful acreage. Oh yeah 2010....
Bring Me One Step Closer!!

“Only he can understand what a farm is, what a country is, who shall have sacrificed part of himself to his farm or country, fought to save it, struggled to make it beautiful. Only then will the love of farm or country fill his heart.”
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944)

Live simply that others may simply live.
-Elizabeth Seton

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! As you simplify your life,the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude,
poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness.

-Henry David Thoreau

“In spite of the six thousand manuals on child raising in the bookstores, child raising is still a dark continent and no one really knows anything. You just need a lot of love and luck -- and, of course, courage.” -Bill Cosby