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By Chickenfan4life · Jan 5, 2013 · Updated Jan 15, 2013 ·
  1. Chickenfan4life
    Greenfire Farms has me jealous! They have all my fav. breeds and are tormenting me. I think I will probably order my OEGB's Jan. 16 when Ideal Poultry has that .85 cent sale that they say they're having. Mom is gonna kill me when I say I want more chickens, though. I know that we have a future of new chickens. 25 out of 50 chickens got killed this year due to our lack of knowledge of how to care for them. Oh well. G2G. Bye!

    2013! It's here! No, I'm not doing a New Years Resolution, I'm not celebrating the new year, but I'm certainly excited for the promise of new chickens this spring! [​IMG] There are tons of different breeds that I'd love to have, but alas, the most I can have would be 3. Oh well. I think I will satisfy myself with one breed. I would like to breed Ameracaunas, but, then again, I'd like to breed silkies, OEGB's, and Marans. *Sigh*. Oh well.

    I will write tomorrow.

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