Hello and welcome to a small slice of my life.
I live in Ontario, Canada with my two brilliant, beautiful children. Perhaps I am a bit bias.

I am what many call old school. I bake my own bread, like to can, sew and knit. But Martha Stewart I am not. I do this all in my mini homestead located in a very urban, somewhat economically depressed area in a medium sized city. I live here because it is really cheap - cheap enough I was able to buy my house outright. I also work in the area with those dealing with poverty, mental health issues and addictions. And I like the grittiness of the area.
I have a huge garden that is getting bigger every year. I am considering grow lights in the basement for the winter. Gleefully looking forward to the police knocking at my door thinking I am running a grow op lol. And this year I am adding chickens. They are currently being housing at my friends farm. They are pretty happy there so I am thinking of starting from scratch. Having chickens here in city limits is illegal so I am a rebel. There is a groovy little loop hole that allows any animal for therapy reasons. Well for once my son's disability is going to pay off. I will only use that card if my uber nosey neighbour reports me. I suspect she will be a problem when she knocked at my door demanding why I had two bales of hay on porch. She became flustered when I told her I was raising pigs. (Do pigs even need hay?)
I think we need to become far more involved in our own personal food chain. Not only so we respect our food but also so we can care for ourselves and possibly others during tough economic times - like now!