Hello! My name is Sara and I am just beginning my venture into the chicken world. I have always had a love and passion for animals. I worked as a vet tech for a few years and volunteered for a month at a wildlife sanctuary in Thailand where I had a great experience. I currently work as a Dispatcher for the town's Police and Fire Department.
I have already made two incubators! My first one is made from the ice chest out of our pop up camper using the ideas I found on this site. I then ended up with three different batches of eggs going and due at different times so I built a hatching incubator out of a styrofoam cooler, again with instructions from this site. Both are still air and I have used the dry incubation method for both.
My first hatch I got some free eggs from a gentleman at work. One out of 8 were infertile, then one quit early. Out of six only three hatched, not sure why... then one of the three died after three days but I believe that it had something to do with the fact that it was born with the umbilicle cord still attached to the navel and the blood vessels hadn't closed up yet and may have gotten some kind of infection.. The other two are growing like weeds!
My second set of eggs were purchased on ebay. SF Splash Cochins! I was really excited about these and the weather was fantastic that week for shipping until the post office took 5 business days to deliver them and it got down to freezing over the weekend and they were obviously not handled well... needless to say I only had hope for one egg and it did not hatch.. disappointing and frustrating since that was good money down the tubes!
My third hatch I am most excited about! I hatched out 3 of 4 millie cochin eggs. I love the millie coloring and the round fluff balls of the cochins so put 'em together and I think it is one awesome little bird! I cant wait till these guys feather out!
I currently am waiting to put some light brahma and frizzle eggs in the bator and then I think I will be done hatching for a while and check out chicken stocks for any future birds that may be added.
Construction of the coop began weeks ago when I built the floor and wall frames in my basement but it actually started to feel real this past weekend when we started putting it up outside! There is a long way to go but I am having fun building it, though I am definitely no carpenter!!
Thanks for checking out my page! I will be updating with pics soon!