One of our hens laid a 2nd egg yesterday in the upper nesting box. I might get a critter cam and attach it to the wire fence in order to tell which chicken is doing the laying. We ate the only 2 eggs today and they were awesomely good; firm white and up standing yoke... I enjoy taking care of them.. I do have a tendency to be overly cautious about my animals and could love them to distraction if I am not careful..
This is not the first time I have had chickens.. When I was between the ages of 4 and 10 years old we lived in Anacortes Washington on 5 acres..My parents raised chickens and rabbits for our meat source. Each sunday Mom would select one of the chickens, wring its head off..(get this she would be in a off the shoulder sun dress with hair done and makeup and then go outside dressed that way, grab a chicken behind the combs and twist her arm until the chickens head pulled off.) we children had the job of dunking the chicken in boiling hot water, and pluck all the feathers out.. Mom would gut it and clean it out, soak it in salt water and cook it for dinner. My chickens are not meat chickens --they lay eggs and work around the yard eating the ants, beetles and all other items they like..