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By 2seth2 · May 16, 2013 · Updated Oct 23, 2013 ·
  1. 2seth2
    I will hopefully be branching into other breeds and variety's soon but at the moment I have bantam SLW, Bantam Dark Cornish, and Silkies. I also show other breeds but don't raise them yet. All my birds are show or breeding quality. If any thing on here interests you please pm me!

    Bantam Silver laced Wyandottes
    This is my first breed I have began raising and hope to expand my flock greatly!

    Here is my current flock rooster:


    Here is my current and only hen I am looking for more.:

    Some of the chicks I have hatched and will be growing out:



    I will have many grow outs available in the fall and spring and maybe eggs, adults or chicks.

    Bantam dark Cornish
    I recently went in on a SQ/BQ bantam dark Cornish trio. I own the hens and we have split rights to the chicks.



    Miscellaneous show birds and layers

    Future projects
    Some breeds I will hopefully be starting soon are

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