The last time I ever had a chick, it was a dyed easter chick in the 60's. G.C. Murphy's would sell these and dyed ducklings and each year I begged my mom to take me to see them. One year she actually bought one for me.
I remember little about that chick except it was afforded no special priviledge. It was in a cage outside and when it got ugly and gawky, my grandmother took it. I had no clue if it turned out a hen or a rooster.
Forward another 40 years or so and I'm starting a flock of my own. I guess it's never too late to learn. We moved from the suburbs in 2007 and have been toying with the thought of chickens since. This year was the year. As the economy here in Maryland gets worse, as it is everywhere, it's time to become more self sufficient. Eggs is one way for me to begin. I use a tremendous amount of them a week. I love to bake and with a household of six, I find myself buying more and more. It was a natural progression.
So now, in two seperate brooders I have 12 chicks. Six are 5 week olds. Little brats with huge appetites and faces only a mother could love. I decided to commemorate the last season of LOST by naming them after the female characters. In brooder #1 are 2 Black Australorps (Rose and Ana Lucia), 2 Partridge Rocks (Penny and Charlotte) and 2 Silver Lace Wyandottes (Kate and Eloise). The second brooder has my little babies. They are about 2 weeks now and consist of 3 Buff Orpingtons (Juliet, Claire and Sun) and 3 Brown Leghorns (Libby, Ilana and.....Idgie). Yes Idgie, my little miracle chick. Idgie had a name before I came up with the cockamamy plan of naming them after characters from a T.V. show.