My wonderful husband and I live in South Eastern Indiana with a motherload of animals. We have five horses, five cats (two just showed up), four dogs and fortytwo chickens as of right now.

Our horses are two off track Thoroughbreds.

Colonel Harlan (my big red) and Camelot (a mare)
Kalamazoo is a huge Beluin Draft five year old
Mocha is a paint horse and of normal size but looks small with all of our big horses
SaBooma Bella is my new girl. She is a Friesian/Perch mix and just a dream of black hair. Wow, she is something
The dogs are Diego (cattahula), Arthor (Great Per) Phish the Dog (a twenty year old Jack mix) and Rooster (our chicken flock guard dog blue tick) Rooster is mother to them all and herds them to the coop if they try to wander to far or stay out partying at night.
The cats are Ford, Bootsy and Oscur, Twitch and another new one I found in the barn are new. The new one in the barn is a female. UHHH OOOH.
Our chickens are everywhere. Under cars, under horses, in the trees, down the drive way towards the nieghbors. They all have names and the are all comics!