St. Walt's Convent or St. Walt's Cluck Nunnery

Finally I have put up my page as the exciting, yet highly stressful experience of owning chickens finally simmers down. I have four ladies that occupy my life right now (besides the dog and the BF). I am a senior in college and renting a duplex, but I refused to let that deter me from owning chickens like I was when I was living at my parents house. Most people thought I was crazy, some people thought I was ambitious, I think I was...well, what can you say about chickens that cost an arm and a leg? You love them!

My four girls are as follows: Anita (Silver laced wyandotte) from 101 Dalmations, Fauna (Red Star), Flora (Red star) and Merryweather (Bantam Cochin) all fairy godmothers from Sleeping beauty. Hence why their coop name will somehow include Walt Disney's name and I like the idea of putting in a nunnery/convent sort of theme. After all, they are all girls (no boys allowed!) and therefor they remain innocent...hehehe.

I had the four girls at my old apartment but sadly I was given 24 hour notice to get them out. So off to my boss's house they went to stay until we moved at the end of July. We had to have their coop done when they got to the new place (fenced yard, dying grass, shaded trees, LOTS of gross bugs) so we've been slowly gathering materials etc to make the coop as cheap as possible. Fat Chance that was.

As of right now I am too scared to add up the total. But I will. And I will post pics of the girls and the coop process as I have taken lots. Basically, all I can say is the way I built it wasn't the best way, and I'm not sure I would reccommend it. I google sketchup-ed for weeks, changing coop plans, totally starting over. Ending up with a somehow complicated, but very functional coop.

Pics coming soon, so stay tuned.