52 pets in total probley more cause probley counted wrong

By amyschickens1 · Mar 25, 2016 · Updated Mar 26, 2016 ·
  1. amyschickens1
    The Walled Garden
    Chicken Run - we keep our chickens in a run and move it every 2 weeks its massive for them it could probably fit 20 chickens in it.
    2 White Stars hens
    2 Isa Browns hens
    3 Goldlines hens
    1 golden Silkie hen
    1 golden silkie cockerel
    1 Cream Legbar

    Pheasant Run- we keep our pheasant in a huge metal run with a hutch but they neither go in it.
    1 female red golden pheasant
    1 male not in colour red or yellow golden pheasant

    Bird Aviary- we breed these birds sometimes and sell them to our local pet shop
    1 Border Fancy male Canaries
    2 Fife female canaries
    1 normal male zebra finch
    1 orange flanked white zebra finch male
    1 black cheeked grey zebra female
    1 pure white orange beaked zebra finch female
    1 sandy colured zebra finch female
    1 chestnut and white Bengalese Finch
    1 Chocolate and white Bengalese Finch
    3 Japanese Quail's
    1 Blue Diamond Dove

    New Aviary - we let these birds out every day
    2 silver Dutch bantam hens
    1 partridge pekin bantam cockerel

    Metal aviary- this is our breeding aviary
    1 Border fancy male canary
    1 red factor female canary

    Our Garden
    Old Love Bird Aviary - we let these birds out every day in the morning and then they go back in at night
    1 Millfleur cock
    1 Millfleur hen
    1 white hen
    1 Wheaten Hen
    1 Lavender hen

    Bird Shed- This is were we keep our breeding birds when they breed
    1 normal Chinese/painted/button Quail

    Rabbit Run- She gets let out every week
    1 Brocken Grey Netherland Dwarf cross Lionhead Doe

    Our House (if you are interested in having a hamster contact us and we might have some for you)
    1 Golden White Shih Tzu Dog
    1 Blue and Tan Border Terrier *****
    1 Ginger white- bellied male hamster
    1 cream with white snip female hamster
    1 Silver Dove white snip unsexed hamster
    1 black and white Chinese Quail Chick
    1 normal Chinese Quail Chick

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