5R Farm Flock

By 5RfarmStacy · Jul 27, 2013 · Updated Jul 27, 2013 ·
  1. 5RfarmStacy
    Treat time with the ladies.

    Rooster Cogburn, our Australorp rooster.

    Relaxing under the shade shelter.

    Ramon, our easter egger rooster.

    Lil' Red Rooster, our red cochin frizzle banty.

    5R Farm was named after my first 5 backyard chickens - Rhoda (Rhode Island red), Raquel (barred Plymouth Rock), Ruby (gold-laced Wyandotte), Rosie and Ramona (Easter Eggers). Since 2010, when I got my first 5 chickens my flock has grown to 25 chickens and now includes Australorps, Delawares, Silver-gray Dorkings, more Easter Eggers (of course!), Speckled Sussex, and Welsummers. Our three roosters are Rooster Cogburn, Ramon, and Lil' Red Rooster.

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