6x10 Shed to Coop conversion

By HKW77 · Apr 7, 2014 · Updated Apr 7, 2014 · ·
  1. HKW77



    We just really started this past weekend, but we replaced T111, replaced the roof, put in a new window for ventilation and painted. Next we'll be doing the inside, which will have a three foot sections fenced off for storage, a roost, outside nesting boxes and a place for my ducks. Any suggestions on duck placement? I am pooping a poop tray under the roosts so my ducks don't get poo'd upon. We have two Welsh Harlequin female ducks, one Black Australorpe, One Barred Rock and one Golden Wyandotte hens. They will have coop space to themselves of about 6x6 and the run should be 10x20, plus I plan on making a tractor to put them in for free ranging on nice days.

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  1. YardBirdMom
    Love the colors! So very spring like and pastel-y :D
  2. HKW77
    Thanks so much! I'm SO SO excited, this is my first coop and I'm been literally eating/drinking/sleeping coop plans and ideas for months. I can't wait till it's done.
  3. windnleavesfarm
    This looks sooooo nice!!! I like the paint and the way it is structured.
  4. valleychicks
    Cute building! Can't wait to see it finished!

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