A Few of my BYC Besties

By birdwrangler057 · Mar 14, 2017 · Updated Mar 14, 2017 · ·
  1. birdwrangler057
    Over the months that I've been on BYC, I have met many wonderful people. These are just some of my besties, so if your not on it, don't be offended.



    I have known Savannah since I joined the forum back in September, she is always very kind and welcoming. Savannah and I usually chat about our animals, and other stuff, such as, everything. I love reading her blog posts, as they are always very humorous and knowledgeable. It is always nice to talk with other homeschoolers that I get along with, since most of the local homeschoolers are really young, or just annoying. I am glad to call Savannah one of my BYC Besties. :hugs


    I met Abby when I was chatting with her sister (Savannah) on some thread in October. We pretty much talk about livestock, and current events in our lives. She writes some pretty interesting articles on her blog (which she shares with Savannah), in fact they have convinced me to get some goats once I have the money. Many times I have found myself in the middle of a playful banter between Abby and Savannah, I gets pretty funny! Thanks for being my friend! :hugs

    (@Bills vs Beaks)

    I have known Sam for quite a while now. Most of the time, Sam and I talk about airsoft, since we both play the sport, we don't really talk about anything else because He has been diagnosed with "Quacksyndrome". Sam is definitely a jokester, I love his sarcasm, it always makes the threads funnier. If he didn't have such a serious case of "Quacksyndrome", I'd probably have a lot more to say, but, oh well. :hugs

    I am going to try and add some more of my peeps later on. ;)

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  1. Bills vs Beaks
    Oh yeah and if you look in the thesaurus under "scared" and "wimp", you see the word chicken.
  2. Bills vs Beaks
    You can call me "smart and awesome"!
  3. birdwrangler057
    By the way, if you look in your thesaurus, under the words "crazy" and "insane" is the word QUACK. LOL
  4. birdwrangler057
    So we we can call you "mental" BvB? LOL
  5. Bills vs Beaks
    Condition sorry. Im sure I fixed that...
  6. micah wotring
  7. Bills vs Beaks
    A strange and slightly uncommon mental conditoin that causes the victim to be very smart and awesome, especially when choosing between chickens or ducks (being smart, they choose ducks)
  8. micah wotring
    Quacksyndrome...XD XD
    You've offically been diagnosed, Sam!
  9. Bills vs Beaks
  10. birdwrangler057
  11. TroyerSis
    Thank You, Will! That's so sweet! And I know that sounds like a super generic thing to say... But I meant it!
  12. birdwrangler057
    Your welcome. For some reason everything was getting in my way of writing this. I accidentally erased my first draft three times. Lol
  13. TroyerGal
    WW!! Thank you, Will! I am proud to call you my friend as well :D

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