A Flock Tale

By Fluffers · Oct 13, 2016 · Updated Jan 19, 2017 · ·
  1. Fluffers
    There once lived a very peaceful-ish flock in the foothills of farawaylandia. they were very unusual chickens, well, there weren't just chickens. you were probably expecting chickens,(look up at the corner with a chicken logo and name) BUT NOT ALL OF THEM ARE CHICKENS.The leader is a chicken though. Ahem, sorry for yelling. anyway, there are ducks,geese,guinea fowl, (though the guineas don't speak much) Turkeys, and last but extremely not least (i can't stress that enough) CHICKENS!!! Now, without further a due,
    (well at least the main characters)
    This is Daisy, she is very sweet but comes with an attitude at times. like in this photo, when she found out there were no mealworms available at "Treats R Us"
    Daisy, Seabright. submitted by chickencraz
    This is Raoo, a very quiet guinea. not much to say about him.
    Raoo,photo by chickencraz
    this is Oreo, Quite a character. he loves to quack and make strange delicious meals out of treats he saves up from when the human give it to him.
    photo by minihorse927
    This is Flint, a chocolate cuckoo. He is a cockerel fighting for top of pecking order.
    photo by FlockMaster64
    Basil and Sam, best friends.
    photo by chickencraz
    This is Cow,a cochin rooster, he is the lead roo.
    photo by Skellipi
    Blue and Steel, the smartest little pullet and cockerel duo
    photo by AustralorpsAU
    Maple Syrup, or Maple for short. a skittish little hen
    photo by minihorse927
    Alex, he is a very tough turkey and LOVES treats whenever he get em'(one in front)
    pic by dan26552
    This is Peep. he has one gosling, her name is Charlie.He is calm but he can be mean to protect Charlie
    pic by Miss Lydia
    And Janet. She is a wild Canada goose. She migrates there for summer, and hangs out with the other geese

    These are the characters. i posted this because there is gonna be a typhoon where i live , the power is most likely to get knocked out so i posted this so it wouldn't get lost , story will be up soon. (hopefully) it is estimated the power will be out for 2-3 days.
    (update, the "typhoon" was really not bad at all. Ugh seriously people.)

    Well, now you have met the characters, let's get to the story!

    From what i remember, it happened all last week. Cow crowed as he does every morning. Raoo ate bugs off the tall plants in the corner of the pen.Peep picked up Charlie out of the water bowl. Oreo hopped in the pool to splash about. Alex flew up to his favorite roosting tree. Flint ate from the feeder and went to roost with Alex. Daisy and Maple were getting her feathers and combs done with in the coop behind the nestboxes, where the humans don't know about. (will explain later) Blue and Steel were picking the lock to the shed where the farmer keeps the treats, like mealworms.Basil and Sam sat on the ramp to the pool preening. And Janet snuck in the garden to eat green beans.

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  1. Nardo
    Hmmm... Blue and Steel seem ready to become the story's shady characters. lol
  2. Fluffers
    I just realized i got Other Poultry Pic of the week, the picture actually is from @Miss Lydia , the credit goes to her.
  3. Fluffers
    Thanks, Most of them were entered in a thread though and used for the story :)
  4. GoldenFlight
    Congrats! I love all your birds! :)
  5. Flock Master64
    Looks good so far, I think Flint is my favorite character
  6. Fluffers
    thanks! me too!
  7. AustralorpsAU
    Oh you've started!! yay!! And you used my pic!! Thanks and looking forward to hearing the rest of it!

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