A-Frame Duck House + Day Shelter

By gingerviolinist · Nov 2, 2017 · ·
  1. gingerviolinist
    House Dimensions: 4'x6'
    Elevated 6" off ground
    Floor Space: 24 sq. ft.
    Door size: 12"x12"

    This house comfortably fits 6 ducks (4 sq. ft. of floor space per duck), but could easily fit 10-12 ducks as mine only utilize the back half (12 sq. ft.).
    I attached 1 out of 4 side panels of the a-frame with hinges to operate as a "clean-out door" and to collect eggs.
    duckhouse5.jpg Started out with a ramp, but switched to cement paver stairs to accommodate clumsy duck feet and scardy-cat personalities (even after picking them up and placing them in their house for a week) with the hope of replacing them with a "porch" eventually.

    duckhouse4.jpg Covered the floor with $.38 vinyl peel-and-stick tiles to add longevity to the plywood floor.

    duckhouse6.jpg duckhouse7.jpg duckhouse8.jpg Originally intended on staining the wood, but opted for exterior paint I found on clearance and couldn't resist the Swedish black + cedar look.
    duckhouse9.jpg duckhouse10.jpg

    FullSizeRender 4.jpg Shelter Dimensions: 2'x4'
    Floor Space: 8 sq. ft.
    Height: 24" front to 18" in back
    IMG_3229.JPG FullSizeRender 5.jpg
    Added a "day shelter" using matching paint and cedar shake shingles to give them a place to get out of the wind and the elements and keep their food dry. This could easily be converted into another duck house, with room for 2-4 ducks, by adding hardware cloth to the windows, a floor, and doors to the front.

    This duck house was inspired by DIYdiva [​IMG] and Design*Sponge [​IMG]

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  1. SOSHEA33
    I am a newbie to ducks. I absolutely love this duck house. Is there detailed plans? Im one of those that needs directions.
  2. TheGreenManFarm
    Thanks for posting this! I've been similarly inspired by DIY Diva's A-Frame, and by a bid to find a design for my location that blends historic European aesthetics with Winter weather pragmatism (I get 60-100" of snow a season) and simple woodworking requirements. Stumbling across your demonstration was reassuring that someone else has successfully done it!
  3. N F C
    Thanks for sharing your duck house & shelter build!

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