In the beginning....

I had the urge to move to the country. She was a city girl with a penchant for shopping. You probably saw the television series modeled after us...

Design Principles....

  • easy cleaning, so easy my wife could do it!
  • child-friendly, so they might someday assume some duties and satisfy their curiosities
  • accessible, so that we all might be able to harvest eggs, clean the house, etc.
  • inexpensive, so that it might some day be actually built
  • recycled, built by-and-large of repurposed materials
  • wary of predators (we have coyotes, snakes, cats, etc.)
  • room for 20 layers, at 4sq ft per bird, thus 80 sq ft
  • considerate of our climate, central Kansas

Here is the beginning of our coop:

AHHHHHHH can't figure out how to host/post pics

Update: May 30, 2011
This is not a cheap venture, is it? Even with reclaimed, salvaged, etc...
$70 2x4's, screws, etc.
$100 chicken wire for moat (to be around the garden, will need much more wire, yet to come)
$100 chicken wire for run
$70 hardware cloth for hen house
I think I've spent too much time on it already, but then most of the investment has been ciphering and thinking things through on site. I am using junk around the farm, so I have to design to fit. I spent 2 days framing, another day re-framing, 2 days on the original tin, 1 day on tin work since, 4 hours on trenching and hardware cloth work so since Spring Break, I've invested what seems like about 6 days on it. I keep thinking that it will break loose and go faster here sometime.