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  1. ChickenLover200
    Adding characters as they come. Check back later! ;)

    NOTE: The characters listed as AWARDED CHARACTERS cannot be edited by anyone but ChickenLover200, as they are only LOANED. AWARDED CHARACTERS with a # beside the NAME are characters that may be edited if they belong to you.

    PLEASE do NOT edit any characters that do not belong to you, as this will create confusion in the RP.

    @ChickenLover200's characters:

    Your username: ChickenLover200
    Type of character: human
    Gender of character: female
    Age of character: 14
    Charactr's name: Eliza
    About your character: Bright golden hair that glows in the sun, greenish-blue eyes, sun-tanned skin. She wears a t-shirt or plaid buttoned up shirt, jeans, and a straw-type woven cowgirl hat. She wears brown cowgirl boots with turquoise and pink stitching. She also competes with her horses in barrel racing, calf roping, pole bending, and reining.

    Name: Bedazzled (AKA Glitter)
    Type of character: domestic horse
    Owner: Eliza
    To be used for: goal #2
    Coat color: a chestnut/sorrel paintaloosa
    Gender: mare
    Age: 14 years old
    About: Eliza's go-to horse for competition, Glitter is a horse that loves to run. She's an average size at 15 hands tall and she has a big heart. Eliza would never put a beginning rider on Glitter, as she's prone to rearing and bucking, especially in scary situations.

    @cutiechook1's characters:

    Your username: @cutiechook1
    Type of character: human
    Gender of character: Female
    Age of character: 15
    Character's name: Alana
    About your character: Black soft curly hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Usually wears a plaid shirt and jeans and a tan cowgirl hat. has a rope always hanging from her shoulder. Very skilled at roping. Has a southern accent.


    Name: Golden Spark (AKA Sparks)
    Type of character: domestic horse
    Owner: Eliza
    Loaned to: Alana
    To be used for: goal #2
    Coat color: palomino
    Gender: gelding
    Age: 8 years old
    About: a mid-size horse at around 14.2 hands, Sparks is a spunky horse who loves to run. He takes good care of his riders, and in his younger years, competed as a roping horse. He now enjoys jumping over things, racing his pasture pals, and doesn't mind a rope swirling above his head. He's just about the calmest horse you'll meet.

    @Cluckcluck1215's characters:

    Your username:Cluckcluck1215
    Type of character:Human
    Gender of character:Female
    Age of character:19
    Character's name:Nicole
    About your character:Nicole is 5'1 with long blond hair wich she wears in a braid over her shoulder.her shirt is a plaid(black and red)button up shirt and she wears brown boots and gray pants.


    Name: Hidden Treasure (AKA Treasure)
    Type of character: domestic horse
    Owner: Eliza
    Loaned to: Nicole
    To be used for: goal #2
    Coat color: gray Appaloosa-cross with an unknown heavy draft breed.
    Gender: mare
    Age: 15 years old
    About: Treasure, the calmest mare on the farm. She aims to please her riders with a slow walk. She may seem like an old and laid back horse, but if you ask her to, she'll run as fast as the wind and her steps are huge. She often gets left behind at the barn, as most people don't like to ride her because of her height. It takes a brave and confident rider to sit on a horse as tall as she is at 16 hands tall.

    @henny1129's characters:

    Your Username: @henny1129
    Type of Character: Human
    Gender of Character: Female
    Age of Character: 15
    Name of Charcter: Brinley Maren
    About Your Character: Brinley Maren has medium length chocolate brown hair that is normally worn in a ponytail, bun, or tucked into her riding helmet. She has a face full of freckles and wears wide rimmed, wire glasses. She is normally seen wearing a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and her favorite brown cowboy boots with antlers stitched into the leather. She is skilled at many things, including (but not limited to) reining, roping, showmanship, and dressage.


    Name: Bumble Bee (AKA BB)
    Type of character: domestic horse
    Owner: Eliza
    Loaned to: Brinley Maren
    To be used for: goal #2
    Coat color: sorrel pinto
    Gender: mare
    Age: 19
    About: BB, a mare that loves to run, even though she is one of the oldest horses on the farm. She was one of Eliza's first horses and has a big heart. She is 15 hands tall.

    @Fluffers' characters:

    Username: Fluffers
    Type: Human
    Name: Alyssa
    gender: Female
    About: a very fun and weird hilarious girl. can be sarcastic at times,but otherwise is friendly and loves racing and competition.she wears a back and light green baseball cap and a t-shirt that says OCD, Obsessive Chicken Disorder. and adidas tennis shoes, but she also has some cowgirl boots, and when it's cold a black and white flannel coat.

    Username: Fluffers
    Type of character: mustang
    Age:11 years
    Name: Anne
    About: Anne is rather strange horse, she is often straying from the team, and sometimes seen with domesticated horses. her favorite thing to do is run long distances.


    Name: Twilight (AKA Jet)
    Type of character: domestic horse
    Owner: Eliza
    Loaned to: Alyssa
    To be used for: goal #2
    Coat color: chestnut
    Gender: gelding
    Age: 13
    About: Jet is an OTB (off the track thoroughbred) and he loves to run. He was retired from the racetrack at a young age because of an injury with his left front leg. It is fine now, but sometimes steep rocky mountain trails can make his leg act up.

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