A little about me

I have loved animals all my life!
I have raised everything from Roly Poly bugs for my pet toad in grade school to ferrets and birds in High School and beyond.
I took two years of Animal Production and Care at the Montgomery County JVC/Miami Valley CTC.
I had planned to go to college to become a Animal Vet. Between my Mom failing Heatlh, My Dad needing me to help at his Radio Station and meeting the man I would marry and starting a family, life got in the way.
I have never stopped having pets of some kind since I was 5 years old. Starting with bugs, moving on to frogs and toads and moving up through fish, birds and small mammals.
I received my first cat, Meow-Meow at the age of 12 from a family friend who do to a heavy work schedule could not give her the attention she deserved. The very smart black cat and I hit it off from the start!
My Dad hated cats! He only loved Dogs but would not let me have one because he was still hurting from the lost dogs of the past. Well I wanted Meow-Meow so bad I could taste it. I sat down and had her in my lap in a spot where everyone could see and the two of us put on the charms! We had everyone in the Radio Station telling my Dad how cute we was and oh Harold let her have the cat.
I will write more Later! :)