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    FORM: Name: (First and last) Maya Williams Age: (Between 15 and 18) 16 Gender: female Crush: Personality: Sweet, kind, impatient sometimes, never gets into trouble. History (Optional): No siblings Picture/Description: Brown hair that is to the middle of her back, amber colored eyes, 5'9" tall, pretty. Username: charnic44 Other: Name: (First and last) Samantha Houser Age: (Between 15 and 18) 16 Gender: female Crush: Personality: Smart, tough, tomboy, brave, witty, sarcastic, short tempered. Flirty, manipulative, doesn't take anything. Bad girl type, the one your parents don't want you around. History (Optional): Her parents died when she was 3 in the war and then she lived with her aunt since then. Picture/Description: Waist length blonde hair, cobalt blue eyes, 5'9" tall, pretty. Username: charnic44 Other: Name: (First and last) Weston Langdon Age: (Between 15 and 18) 17 Gender: male Crush: Personality: Overconfident, braggy, flirty, bad boy. Smart, brave, witty. Good at getting what he wants. History (Optional): His parents always wanted more kids but couldn't so they decided they would give Wes anything he wanted or needed. Picture/Description: Short black hair, light green eyes, 6'0" tall, muscular, athletic, handsome. Username: charnic44 Other: Name: (First and last) Samir Rajaram Age: (Between 15 and 18) 17 Gender: male Crush: Personality: Quiet, smart, brave, pushover at times, can be funny. History (Optional): He had an older brother but he died fighting in the war Picture/Description: Indian, 6'0 tall, dark hair, brown eyes, muscular, athletic. Username: charnic44 Other: Name: Tessa Barrett[/COLOR][COLOR=333333] Age: 16 1/2 Gender: Female Crush: ME: Weston TESSA: Shut up! Personality: Spunky, impertinent, tough but sweet, loyal, stylish History (Optional): Designs her own clothing. Picture/Description:[/COLOR] [​IMG] She is 5' 2" tall. And always wears this necklace: [​IMG] [COLOR=333333]Username: Gertrude McFuzz Other:[/COLOR] [COLOR=333333]Name: Logan McLaughlin Age: 17 Gender: Male Crush: Girls! Personality: Funny, prankster, kind of sweet History (Optional): Picture/Description:[/COLOR] [​IMG] He is 5' 11" tall. [COLOR=333333]Username: Gertrude McFuzz Other:[/COLOR] [COLOR=333333]Name: Anastasia (Ana) Turner Age: 17 Gender: Female Crush: SHE'S OPEN BOYS! Personality: Sassy, but not girly, rugged. Wears a lot of clunky jewelry and headphones. Loves classic rock and 80's punk and plays a mean guitar. History (Optional): Has two older sisters. Picture/Description:[/COLOR] [​IMG] She is 5' 11" [COLOR=333333]Username: Gertrude McFuzzOther:[/COLOR] [COLOR=333333]Name: Angelos Seraphim Age: 16 Gender: Male Crush: None yet. Personality: Dark-humored, cool as a cucumber. History (Optional): Got into a lot of fights. Picture/Description:[/COLOR] [​IMG] He is 5' 10" tall. [COLOR=333333]Username: Gertrude McFuzz Other:[/COLOR] Name: Hannah Ruud, Lucas Ruud Age: (Both) 17 years, 3 months, 2 1/2 weeks, 4 days. (That's some detail!) Gender: F/M Crush: Doesn't have one/ likes every pretty girl. Personality: Hannah is a usually nice girl. She is really popular in school. To her brother she is really mean! It's just like sibling rivalry. She can be mean to anyone that stands in her way. She is also very adventurous.///: Lucas is the biggest flirt you will EVER meet! He will flirt with girls he hasn't even seen or met before. Overall he is a nice boy. He is a out-door kinda teen. History (Optional): at the age of 11 they saw their father shoot himself. They dont really like to talk about it tho. Picture/Description: I read the rules but I am going to post pictures later! Username:cowhlb Other: They are twins. Name: Kira and Kyle Rayne Age: 17 Gender: F/m Crush: none yet Personality: both are quiet and protective of eachother, loyal, kind until they get angry History (Optional): Picture/Description:[/COLOR][​IMG] They are twins, but Kyle has blue eyes and Kira has grey eyes [COLOR=333333]Username: Starrnico[/COLOR] [COLOR=333333]Other: [/COLOR] Name: Luna Lyle Age: 16 Gender: Female Crush: Uh ah X3 Personality: Sensitive and generally quiet. In a large group of people, she tends to be the invisible one. Luna likes reading, although never really had the chance to do it. She is also patient, humble and friendly History (Optional): Um can I do it later? Picture/Description: (Am I alowed to do no pic? I can't seem to find any)Long black hair that goes down to about her lower back when not tied up. Her eyes are a kind of blue, that often seem to be a more grey colour in the right light. She is tall and slender- or as some people might say, delicate in just about every way. She is basically very pretty and stands out, even her old clothes seem to look good on her Username: Silver Bantam Other: (Sorry I didn't do it yesterday, ran out of time) Name:Catherine (Cat) Smith Age:15 Gender:F Crush:Logan Personality:Shy, quiet, outgoing (around friends), brave, antisocial, can be quick to anger or become sad. History: Her parents divorced when she was 13 and she became withdrawn. She moved schools the same year and didn't make very many friends. Lives with her Mom, Stepfather, and two younger siblings. Picture/Description: [​IMG] She's 5'5 Username:Wintent Other: Name:Nexon Verdine Age:17 Gender:Male Crush:None yet Personality:Loud, rambunctious, acts before thinking, hates following orders, and loves getting in trouble. History:Grew up on 'the wrong side of town' with his six siblings and Mother. When his Mother died of Pneumonia when he was 10 they where all put in foster care. He and his siblings where split up and he was adopted when he was 15. He now lives with his adoptive parents and his Rottweiler named Fluffy. Picture/Description: [​IMG] He's 6'2 Username:Wintent Other:Dyes his hair. Name: (First and last) Elsa Age: (Between 15 and 18) 16 Gender:Female Crush:Logan McLaughlin Personality:Sweet,Kind,Flirty,Silly,Smart History (Optional): Nothing much, just grew with a family and lives normal Picture/Description:[/COLOR][​IMG] [COLOR=333333] Username:Little Peep Other: Nothing other [/COLOR] Name: (First and last) Amy Storms Age: (Between 15 and 18) 16 Gender: Female Crush: None Personality:Smart, Skilled Generous smarty pants kinda girl sometimes History (Optional): Picture/Description:[/COLOR][​IMG] [COLOR=333333] Username:Little Peep Other:She is very Quite [/COLOR] Name: (First and last) Joshua Johes Age: (Between 15 and 18) 17 Gender: male Crush: None Personality: Shy, Sweet, kind,helpful, sometimes Bold,likes some girls History (Optional): Picture/Description:[/COLOR][​IMG] [COLOR=333333] Username:Little Peep Other:HE's SO CUTE! [/COLOR] (Am I alowed to have another girl?) Name: Skye Warren Age: 17 Gender: Female Crush: Most likely the most un flirty girl in history Personality: Tough, spunky, and fun. Not much fazes her. She will do anything to stand up for her freinds and the ones she trusts, does have a bit of a temper at times. But otherwise she is very hard working, and bubbly History (Optional): Not much to speak of Picture/Description: (Can I use a real pic? I'm pretty much copying my fav charrie from another RP onto here) [​IMG] Username: Silver Bantam Other: Name: Gideon O'Connel Age: 17 Gender: Male Crush: None yet. Personality: Strong, silent type. History (Optional): Was recently adopted by his foster parents. Picture/Description:[/COLOR] [​IMG] He is 6' 1" [COLOR=333333]Username: Gertrude McFuzz Other:[/COLOR] [COLOR=333333]Name: James McLaughlin Age: 16 Gender: Male Crush: Attractive single females. Personality: Mostly cheerful, funny, wise-cracking. Usually gets along with his brother. A bit more attitude than his brother. (Probably because of his height – or lack thereof.) History (Optional): Logan's little brother. Picture/Description:[/COLOR] [​IMG] He is 5' 5". But he'll grow. Eventually. [COLOR=333333]Username: Gertrude McFuzz Other:[/COLOR] (You're welcome. LOL) Name: Inez Simon Age: 16 Gender: Female Crush: N/A Personality: Inez is bold and boyish, and fairly serious. Can be impatient at times. Dislikes romance. History (Optional): The youngest of five siblings, and the only girl in her family. She spent her early childhood on a reservation, but was forced to move out with her family after a racially motivated attack that left dozens, including her mother, dead. Picture/Description: About 5'1", with short, dark brown hair and green eyes. Her face is very round, and skin quite tan. Has a small mole under her right eye. Username: Arroz con Pollo Other: Of Shoshone, French, and Portuguese descent. She looks up to her deceased mother, who was a revered member of her community, as a role model. [/COLOR] [COLOR=333333]Does this look good? ))[/COLOR]

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