Being a new member I was saddened to read about all the efforts the ower has put into this site only to have to place restrictions on peoples posts, avatars and picture posting because of internet "Bad Apples" that have nothing better to do than leave spam messages.
I have been raising specialty chickens like Seyama's, Creame Brabanters and rare colors of Guineas for some 30 years. I have also built 20 different kinds of brooders and as many different kinds of chicken houses, which I might add that except for the materials I do not even charge local people labor to put them together. Just trying to promote the hobby, and that is my contribution.
I am still, after all these years, learning and that is why when a friend told me about BackYardChickens I was interested, not only for the learning curve from other peoples experiences but also I felt I might have something to offer.
I guess I will sit back and learn what I can. Maybe someday when I can have a avatar ( I am funny like that) and post a few pictures of coop and brooder ideas I will start sharing some of the things I have learned over the past years of trial and error. It has, for lack of a better term, been a interesting journey. The road has been rocky but the trip has been a blast.
Having been, and still being, a moderator on a Feline care site I have some idea how much work this is and every should really appreciate what the owner of the site is doing for you, all the time NOT getting rich from the effort.
I wish the site ALL the best of luck. You have a LOT of great people and contributors. This is one of the best poultry resources there is!