... and then there were 3

We adopted/purchased/rescued a pretty Partridge Rock
February 3rd 2013 -

then after almost 2 months of quarantine & 2 baths & a round of preventative worming meds,
she officially joined the family.

Introducing: "Princess Penny" the Partridge Plymouth Rock!
... and she certainly is living up to her name.
She has perfect manners and her high straight comb is like a proud crown.

We became very good friends during her stay in our garage.
I was the only one to visit her during those cold days & nights,
constantly bringing her fresh water & keeping her cage super clean.

Every visit she would say "Brrt brrt brrt brrt!"
and to this day she still uses these happy sounding "words" & follows me around the yard like a puppy.
Sometimes I refer to her as a "treat hound" - she would eat treats 24/7 if I let her (I don't).


Penny was fast friends with Sunny our Buff Orpington ~
not so much with our Blue Orp.
There were many arguments at roost time & treat time and some frayed feathers & chasing.
These things are to be expected when introducing, and I wasn't worried. I love having 3 and would again!
The pecking order was not terrible, but not perfect between the 3.

May 25th 2013

After again becoming broody already twice this year, a great farm offered a home to Bonnie where she can be broody to her heart's content ~
or she will be perfectly distracted by all the animal friends to visit with and new acreage to roam.

... and then there was 2