A story of a miracle

  1. Ashley & Donna Dame
    We've been hatching some of our own chicks since December of 2017. We recently had a hatch where one of the chicks took an extra amount of time coming out of the egg. We worried but let her do her thing before stepping in. She hatched and was weak and we noticed something was wrong with her leg.
    After some researching we found that she had splay leg. We did the band and left it on what was said for the amount of time suggested. We took it off and it was not fixed. The tendon was in the right spot. We made sure of that. So we put the elastic back on and waited more time. When we took it off, still no luck. Her leg dragged to the side. So we decided that our little chicken called Precious was going to be an inside chicken. She would be constantly picked on outside.
    Again we put the elastic back on and this time we left it. She and two other chicks get little field trips outside to enjoy the bugs, grass and air. They are about 2 months old now. I just brought them and one younger chick out and realized that the band was cutting into her leg. I immediately took it off and Precious is walking. She will take a few steps...her leg slips out, she pulls it in. I have to tell you that this brought a tear to my eye because I love my chickens....especially this little bugger.
    She is half silkie and half ameracauna. I have added a picture of her.
    Folks don't give up on these baby chicks. Some of them just have the will to live and be happy.

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  1. ChickNanny13
    Aww, she's CUTE! You may want to give her some PolyVisol baby vitamins without the iron or some Nutri Drench, she could have some vitamin deficiency. Glad she's doing better, she/he is a CUTE one too :love
    1. Ashley & Donna Dame
      We we're giving her vitamins daily for a while. I may have to go back to that. Thank you.

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