2011-12-14 22:17:47
My silkie journey began August 17, 2011. I bought 6 chicks from myPetChicken; 2 buff, 2 white & 2 blue. Sadly, one of my buff arrived deceased and one of the blues died 5 days later. The other 4 have grown nicely into what I believe, at 4 months of age, will turn out to be a white bearded hen, a white non-bearded roo, a blue bearded hen & a buff non-bearded roo. One thing I have taken from all the literature and posting and comments I have read about sexing silkies is I may very well not know what they truly are till they are closer to 9 months old.
As myPetChicken is not able to guarantee only bearded silkies I have decided to go a different route as my interest lies solely in breeding bearded silkies of pure color. I purchased some hatching eggs from a breeder in Tennessee with beautiful birds that will arrive tomorrow. The bator has been run for 4 days dialing in the temp and humidity and I am looking forward to my first go at hatching. A dozen plus of white, buff, blue, black & splash. I would like to add partridge and paint eventually.
I look forward to documenting this experience to learn how better to hatch next go round. I will post pix as the process procedes once I figure out what I'm doing wrong in my pic post attempt. Tried to put some up tonight of my current pullets and cockerels, although they are not show quality, they are still the cutest things and I will love them as my first ever silkies.