Hello from Somerset, England!

My chicken addiction started about 2 years ago when I bought my first 3 chickens. Since I have sadly lost 10 to the local hungry badger....but I won't be defeated! My flock is now up to 12 hens, 3 ducks....and hopefully arriving later today, 2 geese!


Above you can see my Lavender Maran (named Lavender) and our big girl Snowy who is a Silver Sussex.
In the background are our 3 Cream Legbars, who no-one can really tell the difference between so their names are always changing!


Our Welsummer (left) is called Pleasance. She is quite shy and is always last out of the house in the morning and doesn't stick up for herself very well. Next to her is JT our Light Sussex...she's the boss!


One of our newest additions is Pipsqueak. She is a Silver Laced Wyandotte bantam and is VERY fast on her feet!


Also new to our family is Goldie who is a Buff Orpington. She was a little poorly when we took this photo and quite happily cuddled up to me for about 10 minutes before jumping down. Thankfully she seems to have made a full recovery.


And here is Kathryn, our new Splash Orpington.....she's very beautiful, and named after my best friend!


Our new babies trying to roost on the hen house roof. The White Orpington (Spooky) and Cuckoo Maran (Lisa) are keeping Pipsqueak warm!


Our beloved noisy duck Daisy who is a black Swedish. She is a constant source of amusement and quite often sounds like she's laughing at us!


My eldest daughter had her moment of fame when an article she wrote about being a young smallholder was published in a national smallholding magazine!


And here's our new arrivals, who came today (July 16) - Frank and Betty


Frank having a cuddle with my husband!