Tiny 1 acre farm in the Sierra Nevada foothills of northern California. My occupation is "Poop Cleaner Upper"! We have:
  • 17 Silky Chickens​
  • 5 Dogs​
  • 4 Peafowl​
  • 4 Cats​
  • 3 Nigerian Dwarf Goats​
  • 3 Lovebirds​
  • 3 North American Box Turtles​
  • 3 Ducks: 1 Pekin, 1 Saxony, and 1 GIANT Pekin​
  • 2 Parakeets​
  • 2 Doves​
Don't blink or we may have more tomorrow...
We do our best to provide all our beautiful critters with the very best care usually at the expense of ourselves! That's ok though because we derive great joy from our little farm.

We are always learning, fact checking, and researching the best care, best feed, & training. We spend our "free" time taking photos and videos, playing, lounging and having fun with our feathered, furry, flighty, fuzzy, wild, and shelled best friends & talking about our awesome critters to anyone who listens.

We rescue, adopt, and foster anytime we are needed. Would love to have 10x's the land we have now so we could do more. Hoping to get our very small animal sanctuary/rescue "official" in the next year or 2. Any pointers are greatly appreciated!