Imma big city girl trapped in the country. We have taken up residence on about 160 acres. It has alfalfa in the summer and cows in the winter, and a large (two football fields) manmade reservoir fed by a well...soooo to keep from getting cabin fever and going stir crazy the kids and I have begun "experimenting"... We now have 2 rabbits, 2 cats, 1 dog, four fish, 3 water snails, and a hen and a rooster!! Red wigglers are on the way and will be added to the composter which my son built under the chicken coop/rabbit hutch...all our biodegradables go in there along with the chicken and rabbit poop! Should be nice and ready for the garden we are planning for next summer. Also, as soon as we have our front yard (its about an acre) fenced in we are looking into a milk goat or two! Of course, planning to seperate the garden from the rest of the area so we actually get something to grow!