abitothis and chickens
[FONT=verdana,geneva]Summer 2009
Just starting out. I hatched out 3 Americaunas and lost too many in two incubation disasters. I haven't had the heart to try eggs again. Yet.
I converted a rabbit hutch into a small tractor and I have a big run from some friends which needs some tweaking to be predator-proof. I'm building a nice coop for 8-10 pullets. Maybe I'll be able to use the small one for a setting hen. Just hoping!
Bought a bunch of 8 week-olds: seabrights, Polish, barred rocks, wyandottes.

Winter 2009
A friend lost her last hen to a lousy raccoon. She gave me two coops that she made. One needs a side, but great. The other is perfect as is: a nice cage below and coop above. Thank you, Maribeth!

Spring 2010
Not all made it through the winter: one died by dog, one by car, 4 were sold, one died mysteriously.
Down to 4 and I ordered 4 pullets for our local hay and grain store: 2 barred rocks (I love these birds, friendly, good layers) and 2 buff orpingtons. I'd love more seabrights. I have one pullet and she is trying to crow!! So funny and very cute!
So, a bunny has the coop with a cage. The hens love their coop and lay an egg a day each: 1 barred rock, 1 seabright, 2 americaunas. The retrofitted bunny hutch is ready and the big coop needs its sides. All will be done for the new pullets arriving in May. I am looking for seabrights. They lay lovely little white eggs. My one lone crowing sebright has been laying one a day for two months. Thank you SB.